Enjoy Nature From The Comfort Of Your Sunroom

Enjoy Nature From The Comfort Of Your Sunroom

Myrtle Beach boasts 218 sunny days each year, perfect for enjoying outdoor activities and relaxing on the beach. But when you want to soak in the sun without hitting the sand, a custom Myrtle Beach sunroom allows you to enjoy the benefits of great coastal weather without the pests, sunburn or sand in your shorts.


The beauty of nature has never been more fantastic than when you didn’t actually have to be in nature to appreciate it. Wondering what you would do with the home addition space provided by a Myrtle Beach Four Seasons Sunroom? Check out these options.


What Is A Myrtle Beach Sunroom?

A home addition enclosed with screens or glass can be called many things. Myrtle Beach sunrooms go by a variety of names, but it’s important to know the differences so you can make the best selection for your home.


  • Lanai: Covered porch or veranda typically leading to a pool
  • Screen porch: Enclose your deck or build a custom Myrtle Beach screen porch to enjoy most months of the year
  • Four Seasons Sunroom: Enclosed room that can be used year round thanks to installed HVAC access and is typically surrounded by windows with options for a glass roof to enjoy the outdoors even more
  • Three Seasons Sunroom: Enclosed room that has an option for HVAC access and is surrounded with single-pane tempered glass
  • Pool Enclosure: Screen enclosed pool area – where screens can be retractable or permanent – to help guard against wondering animals or neighbors and reduce debris in the pool


As you can see, when it comes to creating the perfect sunroom Myrtle Beach or outdoor space, you have options.


How To Use A Sunroom?

Depending on the type of sunroom or covered porch you choose for your home, you can use the space in different ways. Some of the most common uses for a Myrtle Beach sunroom include:


  • Family living space: Enjoy movie night, dinner, or just a place to relax and talk
  • Entertain: Have family and friends over for a backyard barbeque or just a glass of wine
  • Kids’ playroom: The windows allow for sunlight to poor in, so your kids can enjoy the sunshine without you worrying about insect bites or sunburn
  • Greenhouse: Many sunroom options are temperature regulated, so you can grow a variety of herbs, flowers, or vegetables
  • Home office: Never be envious of the corner office with a view again when you’re surrounded by nature working from your sunroom office space

A Myrtle Beach sunroom is useful, versatile, and affordable. The extra space can support your growing family or allow you a new area to work or host guests. Carolina Home Exteriors works with you to create a seamless appearance when installing your custom Four Seasons Sunroom and with different options available, you can make the space uniquely yours.