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Pool & Lanai Enclosures

Pool Enclosures & Lanai

Screened Pool & Lanai enclosures let you spend more time enjoying your pool or lanai and less time cleaning. Custom built to enhance your home’s value and match your home’s style, our pool enclosures & lanai solutions offer plenty of budget-friendly and custom design styles.



  • Is a pool lanai enclosure really the best way to enjoy your pool or lanai?
    Enclosing your pool space gives you security, safety, and a bug-free environment. We also have a variety of screen options including a pet-friendly screen that is strong enough to keep Fido from damaging your enclosure.
  • Will a pool lanai enclosure really keep bugs and pests out?
    Yep! We use superior screen products with openings too small to let in pesky bugs like mosquitos. Lie by the pool alone or with friends and family – but never with bugs!
  • Is a pool lanai enclosure really an affordable option?
    We have a wide range of screen products and options that let you customize your pool within your budget. Upgrade with a panoramic roof style or a retractable enclosure for a cost-saving, time-saving way to help keep your pool’s water at a comfortable temperature

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