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Screen Rooms

Screen Rooms

Add a new Screen Room to your home to create more living space with a backyard view. Protect yourself from pests, rain, and other nuisances while you enjoy our mild Southern Coastal temperatures throughout the year.

Customize your Screen Room addition with upgrades and style options including roof design, materials, color, electrical installation, and more!

Choose one of our Renaissance designs to give your screen room a unique look.

Use our instant pricer to get an estimate before you meet with one of our design consultants.

Tips for Adding a Screen Room:

Retractable Screens

Retractable screens are the ultimate luxury in outdoor living design and come complete with a motorized screen that can retract, giving you an open-air ambiance in any weather.

Motorized Screen

Want to make your retractable screen room even easier? Make it a motorized screen! With the push of a button, you can turn your patio into a screen room in no time!

Manual Roll-down Screen

With a manual roll-down screen, you can activate the screen quickly with the rolling handle. Simply move the handle into place and rotate to lower or lift your screen.

Lanai Enclosure

Add a lanai enclosure with a roof to add open up your space. Our lanai is an aluminum-framed structure and is the next level in design for enclosing your patio area. A lanai has many different design options that will allow your patio to be totally enclosed with screen.

A lanai also has the option of including removable panels, a polycarbonate water-resistant roof system, or a vinyl four-track wind barrier.

eze-breeze four-track vinyl windows

Upgrade with a Four-Track Vinyl System

Perfect for our climate, a Four-Track Vinyl System allows you to adjust the airflow in any screen enclosure giving as much or as little natural breeze as you want.

  • Vertical or horizontal panels
  • Design Options for framing colors, tint options, and the option to choose vertical or horizontal
  • Low-maintenance, marine-grade vinyl material to withstand years of wear and tear
  • Easy to change the airflow in minutes
  • Control the interior temperature without adding an HVAC


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