Exploring the Variety: Understanding Different Types of Pool Enclosures

Customizable lanai enclosure featuring a modular design, allowing homeowners to tailor the space to their specific lifestyle and entertainment needs

In the realm of home and commercial building enhancements, adding a pool enclosure presents an aesthetic uplift and a practical investment in your property’s value and utility. As a seasoned connoisseur in home exteriors with over four decades of experience at Carolina Home Exteriors, we’ve witnessed the transformative power of the proper pool enclosure. They […]

Financial Pool Enclosure Benefits: Increasing Home Value in the Grand Strand

Home exteriors have experienced many upgrades in the past four decades but none have been more functional than a pool enclosure. Not just a stylish addition or a mere fancy, these structures are proving to be a wise financial investment for homeowners and commercial building proprietors alike. Let’s dive into the world of pool enclosures […]

Designing the Perfect Poolside Retreat: Innovative Pool Enclosure Ideas

Enclosed pools have surged in popularity for several reasons. They provide a safe, controlled environment, protecting swimmers from the elements and unwanted intruders, whether wildlife or debris. Moreover, these structures add a significant aesthetic appeal and increase property value. However, their benefits extend beyond just looks and safety. Let’s look at some pool enclosure ideas […]

Maximizing Your Pool Season: Benefits of Pool Enclosures in Carolina

In the ever-evolving world of home exteriors, the spotlight has recently swung towards a trend that’s aesthetically pleasing and immensely practical – pool enclosures. Nestled in the heart of Carolina, where the sun graces us generously, these architectural marvels are fast becoming a must-have for residential and commercial property owners. But why the sudden surge […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Pool Enclosures in the Grand Strand Area

One of the best creative pool enclosure ideas is to create a space like this where nature blends seamlessly with the pool are

In the Grand Strand, known for its picturesque beaches and alluring coastal charm, pool enclosures are not just a mere accessory but a necessity. The suitable pool enclosures in the grand strand area protect your pool from the elements and turns it into a year-round oasis. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to create a backyard […]

Benefits of a Lanai Pool Enclosure for Summer

There’s really nothing better than taking a dip in the pool under an enclosure on a hot summer day! You are probably feeling the heat as summer starts to come around. There’s nothing better than taking a dip in your pool on hot summer days, but there is still work that needs to be done before you […]