Benefits of a Lanai Pool Enclosure for Summer

There’s really nothing better than taking a dip in the pool under an enclosure on a hot summer day!

You are probably feeling the heat as summer starts to come around. There’s nothing better than taking a dip in your pool on hot summer days, but there is still work that needs to be done before you can really enjoy it. Not only should you prepare for kids or pets playing outside during this time of year with safe play areas and barriers, but also make sure your outdoor space is clean and inviting all season long – even when nobody’s using it!

Looking for an easy and affordable way to make the most of your pool or lanai? Look no further than a pool lanai enclosure – a screened enclosure that gives you all the benefits of pool or lanai use, without the bugs, pests, and other annoyances. Our pool lanai enclosures are designed to let you enjoy your pool year-round and bug-free.

5 Benefits of Enclosing Your Pool

1. Keep Your Family Safe

When your children are in the backyard playing, you don’t want to worry about an accidental slip or curious mind. A pool enclosure is a great way to protect your property and children from accidents. They also guard against liability if a neighbor decides to take a dip when you’re not home.

Protect your family. Protect your property. And give yourself peace of mind.

2. Save Time on Cleaning

When you install a pool enclosure, the leaves and debris that were once resting at the bottom of your swimming pool will be gone for good. Plus, with less time spent picking up trash in your yard this winter season because of an enclosed area around their swim space means more time to enjoy warm-weather activities like lounging by the water!

3. Block Out Harsh Sun

What better way than to spend the summer by your luxurious pool, shielded from too much sun exposure and heat? Customize your space with a custom pool enclosure for ultimate protection. Your family will thank you later!

4. Enjoy Your Pool After Summer Ends!

An enclosed pool means you can spend more time in the water. Evenings aren’t limited when you add lighting to your Myrtle Beach pool enclosure. Your family is protected from insects and the lighting features allow you to see what’s happening, keeping your family safe even during late swims. The pool enclosure will also keep the temperature more regulated, allowing you to enjoy the space further into the year than without the protective cover.

5. Upgrade Your Pool & Increase Your Home’s Value

Especially important in a seller’s market, a pool enclosure can alleviate the downsides of having a pool. When a pool might make a buyer hesitate, an enclosed pool can add value to your pool space and highlight the benefits of having a pool to buyers.


  1. Is a pool lanai enclosure really the best way to enjoy your pool or lanai?
    Enclosing your pool space gives you security, safety, and a bug-free environment. We also have a variety of screen options including a pet-friendly screen that is strong enough to keep Fido from damaging your enclosure.
  2. Will a pool lanai enclosure really keep bugs and pests out?
    Yep! We use superior screen products with openings too small to let in pesky bugs like mosquitos. Lie by the pool alone or with friends and family – but never with bugs!
  3. Is a pool lanai enclosure really an affordable option?
    We have a wide range of screen products and options that let you customize your pool within your budget. Upgrade with a panoramic roof style or a retractable enclosure for a cost-saving, time-saving way to help keep your pool’s water at a comfortable temperature

Plan Your Pool Enclosure Now

Adding a pool enclosure now means that your swimming pool will be ready for the season’s first swim. Light up the screened pool enclosure and enjoy an evening under the stars or invite over a few friends for a cookout. Pool enclosures are perfect for summer barbecues or just enjoying a book by the pool. Caroline Home Exteriors can create the ideal pool enclosure for your home.