The Importance of Hiring Licensed Residential Homebuilders and Sunroom Contractors

Permit Me to Explain

It’s smart to shop around for the most qualified Myrtle Beach Sunroom contractors you can find. Saving money is important, too. In a perfect world you’ll find the licensed homebuilder that seems to understand your dreams and wishes, the one who understands the law and permitting, and the one who understands your budget. That’s a tall order, and Carolina Home Exteriors has been doing its best for nearly 40 years to meet the needs of the Myrtle Beach sunroom buyer by keeping those three important goals at the forefront of our business model; listen and advise, properly engineer and permit, and be as value-oriented as possible.

Find a Good Listener

When it comes to listening, Carolina Home Exteriors is second to none. We offer free, no obligation consulting with appointment times that work for you. We’re a licensed homebuilder that doesn’t have to rely on subcontractors. We’ve built more than 10,000 sunrooms in in the Carolinas, Myrtle Beach and all along the Grand Strand, including; North Myrtle Beach, Little River, Conway and Georgetown. That gives us an edge up. After completing Sun Room projects, Three Seasons Rooms, Gazeebos, Pergolas, Hurricane Shutter installations, and Commercial and Residential projects for thousands of satisfied customers, we know what kinds of things homeowners are typically looking for. We’re dream builders and know that a Sunroom can give you the quality of life you’re looking for. But there’s more…

Don’t Cut Corners

Some in the Myrtle Beach sunroom business will attempt to cut corners by using subcontractors to comply with the law and obtain the permits required. This limits their liability and your opportunity for recourse should something go wrong. Worse yet, some may not pull permits at all, and attempt to do the work “under the radar.” While this may sound appealing to the frugal, budget-conscious homeowner, it’s a bad idea leaving you vulnerable to shoddy workmanship and serious legal liability.

At Carolina Home Exteriors we are the South Carolina licensed contractor you need and can trust, and we understand the permitting process. It’s not easy, and it takes time, but since we do it every day we know what we’re doing. From the homeowner’s association all the way up to South Carolina state law and federal building codes, we do it by the book. We NEVER cut corners and recommend you don’t either. Improper permitting can cost you a fortune in legal fees, force the removal of improperly permitted new construction, and leave you regretting you didn’t call us first.

Saving Money

Building a sunroom, three, or four season’s room or any new room addition requires careful planning and an understanding of our harsh climates, your budget, and adhering to the building codes the law insists upon.

While considering your Myrtle Beach Sunroom, by all means shop around, but beware of the lowest bidder; it’s here where trouble can begin. We are cost effective, but because we use only premium quality materials, backed up by manufacturers’ warranties, and because we pull ALL the required permits, and because we back up our own craftsmanship, we may be a bit higher on our quotes. A bit more now can save you big in the future. We also have financing options for your home addition.

Remember, this is your home, your money and your future. Invest wisely and choose sensibly. As Warren Buffett said, “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

Let us show you how affordable a properly permitted sunroom project can be.  Call us for a no obligation consultation. (843) 651-5614

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