How Advisar Doors Offer Hurricane-Rated Options

You’ve heard the terms “hurricane-rated” or “impact-resistant” before, but just what does that mean? Can a door really be rated to withstand sustained hurricane force winds? You might ask yourself, “how could a manufacturer possibly make those claims?” All fair questions, so we went to Advisar, the premier manufacturer of impact and weather resistant doors […]

What You Should Know About Hurricanes in SC

When is Hurricane Season? It’s generally accepted that tropical systems and hurricanes strike the Southeastern coastal region most typically between June 1 and November 30, with the peak of activity between mid – August and late October. Storms have hit earlier and later than the official “season,” so best to get prepared. How can I […]

How to Save on Hurricane Protection with Discounts, Grants, and Tax Credits

We want your home to be safe through hurricane season, but did you know that you could be eligible to save on the initial investment? There are many options for reducing the cost of adding hurricane protection to your home and reducing the cost of investing reputable hurricane protection/resistant products will save in potential damage […]

Your Best Options for Hurricane Protection

  Do You Really Need Hurricane Protection? Hurricane panels, shutters or impact resistant windows are installed to protect the building structure. The main cause of hurricane damage behind storm surge is the penetration of the windows and doors from flying debris. Wind alone can cause damage, but it’s mainly caused by the debris breaking windows […]

Prepare Your Home Now For Hurricane Season

Hurricane Dorian is just the beginning of the 2019 hurricane seasons and if you’re not already prepared, it’s time to start planning before the next hurricane hits! You’ll want to prepare your home now, well in advance of any approaching storms. Myrtle Beach hurricane protection will not only keep your family secure during this storm […]