How Storm Tex Protects Your Home From Hurricanes & Storms

Hurricane Season will be here before you know it!

Storm Tex converts patios and lanais into a safe room with just the push of a button. Storm Tex not only offers storm protection, but it also offers solar, wind, privacy, insect, and comfort control at a moment’s notice. There are a lot of different hurricane protection systems out there, but few that are as effective as the one offered by Storm Tex.

These industrial strength hurricane screens are perfect for residential homes where windows can be easily broken by flying debris from high winds. When you live in an area that experiences hurricane season, then Storm Tex is an investment worth making to give your home the best hurricane protection.

Why Do Homeowners Love Storm Tex?

  • Feel prepared for any storm against hurricane damage.
  • Get peace of mind that your family and home will be protected.
  • Protect your home with a retractable screen that’s as beautiful as it is functional.
  • Customize your Storm Tex screen to make it fit your lifestyle.

Ballistic Screen

Protect your home from the storm with a house-sized bulletproof vest! Storm Tex hurricane screens from Alutech United, Inc use the same fabric as ballistic vests to protect your home and patio from hurricane damage. These systems are ideal for areas that conventional hurricane protection just can’t fit. Plus, the screens store away easily in an aluminum header box when not in use. 

Easy Operation

With the push of a button, you can engage your motorized Storm Tex hurricane screens. The ODS feature in every Story Tex screen means it will stop before it hits any objects obstructing its path, including you, your family, and your patio furniture!

Design Options

Customize your screen to perfectly fit your space. With spans of up to 24 ft wide, your system is designed for your home and your needs. Choose from any array of fabric and frame colors to match your Storm Tex hurricane screen to your home’s aesthetic. Regardless of your choice, your screen won’t leave you in the dark during a storm.

Screen Options

Frame Options


Q. Can something as simple and convenient as see-through roll-down fabric really protect my property from hurricane debris? 

A. Yes! Storm Tex fabric is made from the same ballistic materials used in bulletproof vests. Being hurricane-rated, it’s a great choice for large areas such as pools, patios, porches, balconies, and lanais. With a push of a button, a Storm Tex system can make virtually any outdoor space into an instant safe room.

Q. Will Storm Tex make my outdoor space dark?

A. No. While the shading feature of Storm Tex can be handy when you just want to cool an area from direct sunlight, it’s semi-transparent. That means if you experience power loss, you won’t be left in the dark.

Q. What about power loss? Will I still be able to deploy my Storm Tex roll-down protection if I lose power?

 A. Yes. The manual and motorized systems give you the best of both worlds. When the power is on, you can roll down your screen with the push of a button. If you do lose power, the simple and easy-to-use manual hand crank still keeps your home safe. Just like your electric garage door, Storm Tex uses an ODS feature to stop the screen from closing on objects in its path, keeping you and your family safe.

Q. I understand the screen is made from ballistic material and is hurricane rated, but what about the framing?

 A. Great question! Storm Tex hurricane-rated frames are made from powder coated rust proof aluminum with stainless steel hardware. Available in an assortment of colors to match your home’s aesthetic, you’ll find the Storm Tex system offers peace of mind when the bad weather arrives, and functionality year round as protection from direct sunlight, insects, and wind, as well as privacy.