Prepare Your Home Now For Hurricane Season

Hurricane Dorian is just the beginning of the 2019 hurricane seasons and if you’re not already prepared, it’s time to start planning before the next hurricane hits!

You’ll want to prepare your home now, well in advance of any approaching storms. Myrtle Beach hurricane protection will not only keep your family secure during this storm season, but will also protect your home for years to come. Whether you’re considering hurricane shutters, impact resistant glass or storm panels for your home, the Carolina Home Exteriors team can help.


Hurricane Shutters

Secure your home’s windows with hurricane shutters. Wind is the most powerful force of a hurricane, and if the wind alone doesn’t damage your home, the objects thrown around by a hurricane certainly can. The Carolina Home Exteriors team offers a number of styles and our courteous team members are happy to help you determine which is the best fit for your home. Choose from Roll Down, Bahama, Colonial, or Accordion – for aesthetic and protective purposes.

Secure The Roof

Roof clips or roof straps can be used to secure the roof to the home’s main frame. The roof is the biggest protector of you and your family. Take every precaution possible to ensure it stays intact during a hurricane.

Reinforce Garage Doors

When preparing your home for the pending hurricane season, don’t forget about the garage. Use a garage door brace to hold the door in place and install storm panels to protect the door from damage. It’s nice to have the luxury of a garage door slider system during the hot summer days, but as a storm moves in, you’ll want to reinforce the door to prevent it from moving or allowing the hurricane force winds into your home.

Bring In Outdoor Objects

Any loose outdoor items like potted plants, décor, and children’s toys can easily become projectiles during a hurricane. Secure your patio furniture, bicycles, and vehicles in the garage or storage space of your home. If your garage has windows, be sure to cover them with hurricane shutters or storm panels.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Now is the time to review your home owner’s insurance policy to ensure the policy coverage damage to your home and other structures, like a fence, car port, or other home additions. You’ll rest easier knowing if a storm’s path does cross the Carolina coast, your insurance policy covers windows, deck repair, or even home destruction.

Have An Evacuation Plan

Even if the governor doesn’t call for evacuations, you and your family may feel more confident leaving the area until the hurricane clears. For this reason, you need to develop your evacuation plan now. While you need to know the evacuation route out of your city, it’s also important to know where you’ll go when you leave. Have a few predetermined options so you can get to safety before the storm hits. You’ll also want to prepare for pet care, fuel for the vehicles, and necessary prescriptions for each member of your family.

Hurricane season begins June 1, and as we move closer to summer, tropical movement will intensify. Take the steps now to ready your home and family for a possible hurricane. Your plan will run much smoother when it’s time to execute.