Advisar Doors: Designed, Delivered, and Installed by Carolina Home Exteriors

By now you may have heard about Advisar hurricane-rated doors installed exclusively by Carolina Home Exteriors. But just what is an Advisar door and where did Advisar come from? 

Made in the USA, Advisar doors are a reinvention of traditional mill-worked doors. Delivered in weeks (not months) the Advisar door system starts with composite materials more durable and stronger than wood, with the look of real wood. Strength and security are great, but no one wants a door that looks like it belongs on the backside of an industrial warehouse, so Advisar decided that if they couldn’t make beautiful doors, then why bother? And beautiful they are.

Taking the hassle and wait out of designing, ordering and installing beautiful impact-resistant doors, is the synergistic goal between Advisar and Carolina Home Exteriors, with both companies in perfect alignment with each other’s mission. Hurricane rated, airtight, water-tight and pre-hung in equally durable frames, Advisar doors can enhance your home’s traditional look or change it completely.

With nearly every style available and custom finished to your specifications, there’s a perfect door for your biggest investment. And with Carolina Home Exteriors on board, now there’s a perfect team. The licensed contractors at Carolina Home Exteriors will expertly install the door (or doors) of your dreams in a matter of weeks. 

Whether finalizing your home’s hurricane protection plan, or just beginning, windows and doors should be your first priority. Broken windows are common in severe, sustained storms, but doors fail too. Advisar and Carolina Home Exteriors can help “take the worry out of the weather!” ©

With samples, full color photographs of actual installations, customer testimonials and the help of Carolina Home Exteriors, experience the peace of mind and satisfaction that come from an Advisar door. You won’t be sorry, and you’ve got nothing to lose in speaking with a design consultant.

We hope that you never have to experience the trauma, damage and costs that really severe weather can unleash, and the home protection offered by Advisar doors and Carolina Home Exteriors is just a beautiful insurance policy, but isn’t it nice to know you’ve done everything you could, whether the weather strikes or not?

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