Your Sunroom & Screen Room Roof Options

When planning your screen room or sunroom, it’s easy to get pulled into choosing the aesthetics of the space – lighting, screen style, windows – but there’s one element that deserves your attention. The roof of your outdoor living space needs to be structurally engineered to withstand the strong winds, rain, and occasional ice storm familiar to the coastal region.

It’s important to include energy-efficient windows, durable screens and ensure you have enough glass that will allow for plenty of natural light, but it’s essential to have a well-built roof. We get it. It’s a lot more fun to choose automatic screens, lighting features, and a picture window than focusing on the roofing materials of your sunroom or screen room, but with the first threat of hurricane-force winds, you’ll be glad you made it a part of the process.

The sunroom’s roof is designed to protect the room from nature’s elements. No matter the details of your Myrtle Beach screen room – standard screens or motorized screens – the roof’s job remains the same. The roof of any home addition must protect the space from sun, wind, rain, falling debris, etc.

If the roof of your sunroom or screen room isn’t constructed correctly, there is a higher chance that your space will get wet and even damaged from the elements. Think of the afternoon thunderstorms that roll through the Grand Strand. The force of the rain from just one storm means your sunroom roof will take a pounding. Pair the heavy rain with strong wind gusts, and you can see why the durability of the room addition roof is a high priority.

Your Roof Style Options

The Carolina Home Exteriors team is dedicated to making your screen room or Four Seasons Sunrooms match the look and feel of your home. For that reason, your Myrtle Beach room addition is custom designed – including the roof. Our team is proud to offer a number of roof styles to meet your needs. During your in-home consultation, we’ll discuss a number of roofing options for your sunroom, including:

  • Pitched roof (or gable) styles: Equal slopes on each side pitched to a central ridge
  • Dormers: Often includes a rooftop window
  • Gambrel: Roof style seen most often on barns or country-style homes
  • Mansard: Roof has four sloping sides, typically with a flat top
  • Shed: Single-sloped roof
  • Gazebo: Octagon shaped roof
  • Saltbox: A long, pitched roof that slopes down to the back
  • Hip: Similar to a gambrel style, but each side meets at a point for a pitched roof rather than flat
  • Other custom roof designs

The Carolina Home Exteriors team understands that your home addition is an investment. Our team is dedicated to building a Myrtle Beach sunroom that fits your needs cosmetically and serves your family well through the years.