How to Choose the Best Screen for Your Pool Enclosure

Pool enclosures are a great way to make your pool more enjoyable and private. Protect your family’s health and ensure that everyone can enjoy their time in the pool together. They also provide a clean, beautiful outdoor living space addition to your home! The type of screen enclosure will depend on what you’re looking for in terms of privacy, durability, and functionality.

Most Natural Airflow & Breeze…

BetterVue increases your airflow by 20% compared to standard screens. Motorized screens can be automatically opened for more breeze. Removable panels give you the same option without the automation.

Best Outward Visibility & Views

Our flexible options (Motorized screens or removable panels) give you the most visibility by giving you an unobstructed view of the outdoors. No-See-Um screens have also been referred to as “Invisible” screens because of the high outward visibility.

Highest Bug Protection (from the Smallest Pests)

No-See-Ums have a tighter mesh screen to keep out the “no-see-ums” (or gnats if you’re not from the South!)

Flexibility & Convenience

Motorized screens make it easy to open up your space and comes with the option of adding removable panels to open up your space on nice days.

More Options for Your Pool Enclosure

No-See-Um Screen

“Invisible” Mesh Screen to Keep Out the Smallest Bugs

The No-See-Um screen is rustproof, affordable, and convenient. The ultra fine mesh ensures a bug-free experience, even from the littlest gnats.

BetterVue Screen

More Breeze, More Light, More View

BetterVue protects your space from bugs and allows more breeze and more light. They encourage more natural airflow than the No-See-Um screen and a more transparent view.

Motorized Screen

Change Your Day-to-Day View

For the best of both worlds, a Motorized screen gives you the option of an unobstructed breeze or protection from the elements. Simply push a button to lower the screen and get privacy, bug protection, and shade from the sun.

Privacy Screen

Enjoy Your Space in Private w/Protection from Elements

Privacy screens separate your home from close neighbors or busy streets so you can enjoy your space in peace. You still get plenty of airflow, protection from bugs, and a great view.

Pet Screen

Protect Your Pets & Your Screen

Pet-resistant screens are up to 7X stronger than standard fiberglass screens. With different levels depending on the size of your pet, Pet screens prevent your animals from damaging the screen and can help stop claws from destroying your screen enclosure.


Enclosure Your Space w/an Option for Removable Panels

A Lanai screen enclosure offers a fully enclosed space with a roof and often with removable panels. Lanai gives you the option of being closed in with a polycarbonate water-resistant roof system, as well as enclosing the walls with a vinyl four-track wind barrier.


Upgrade with a Four-Track Vinyl System

Perfect for our climate, a Four-Track Vinyl System allows you to adjust the airflow in any screen enclosure giving as much or as little natural breeze as you want.

  • Vertical or horizontal panels
  • Design Options for framing colors, tint options, and the option to choose vertical or horizontal
  • Low-maintenance, marine-grade vinyl material to withstand years of wear and tear
  • Easy to change the airflow in minutes
  • Control the interior temperature without adding an HVAC