Enjoying The Outside In With A Screen Room

Enjoying The Outside In With A Screen Room

When you want to be outdoors but don’t want to deal with the pests and threat of bad weather, it’s time to invest in a Myrtle Beach screen room for your home. Enjoy a family dinner or glass of wine without swatting away gnats and mosquitos. During the day, you can actually relax in the warm weather without having direct sun beaming down. Create added privacy and protection with a pool or lanai cover. A small change to your home can allow you to enjoy the outdoors, protect your family, and increase the value of your home.

Consider the benefits of adding a screen room to your Myrtle Beach home. Instead of worrying about the elements and how to protect your guests, a screen room or lanai cover lets you relax and enjoy the summer days and dinner parties with friends.


With a screen room, you don’t have to worry about afternoon rain storms. Your event can go on rain or shine despite the constant change in Myrtle Beach weather. A Myrtle Beach screen room protects against bugs invading your party, or worse, biting your family. Disease-ridden mosquitos flock to water, so using a pool cover is a great way to keep the bugs out. Plus, you can skip the bug spray and candles when you’re under the protection of a screen room.

Enjoy The Outdoors

Imagine how nice it would feel to be able to open your patio door and let a cool breeze in early in the morning or late evening and not have to worry about mosquitos, gnats, and flies getting into your home. A screen room allows you to enjoy the sun during the day, while still offering the benefit of partial shade, and sit beneath the stars at night under a screen roof.

A Myrtle Beach pool enclosure allows you to enjoy your pool for more months throughout the year. You’ll spend less time cleaning out debris and more time swimming or relaxing by the pool.

Spaces That Transform

A screen room has a number of design options, many of which allow you to transform your space with the touch of a button. Motorized screens give you the flexibility to use your space as a completely closed room, or you can raise the screens to allow more air to flow through and easier access to the backyard.

Motorized Solar Protection Screens also offer protection from the sun and added privacy on demand.

A screen porch should be a safe haven from bugs. Make your screen porch space or lanai cover more comfortable with large pillows, splashes of color, and plants or flowers. By adding a screen enclosure to your home or pool, you can enjoy all the benefits of your home, and none of the things you’d rather keep outside.