Socastee Sunrooms, Screen Rooms, and Patio Covers

Socastee Sunrooms, Screen Rooms, and Patio Covers

Adding a sunroom to your Socastee home will allow you to take advantage of the beautiful coastal weather along the Grand Strand. Whether you live in a newly built home along the South Strand or in the developed neighborhoods of the Myrtle Beach area, adding a Socastee sunroom or screened in  room to your home allows you to enjoy beautiful sunsets, warm summer evenings, and even the afternoon rain storms. It’s important to hire a trusted, licensed contractor who works in Socastee when considering an addition to your home so you can enjoy the work for years to come.

Carolina Home Exteriors is the best builder of sunrooms in Socastee. When you consider an addition to your home, your Socastee home contractor must be reliable and safe. Our team offers fast, free estimates, we guarantee our materials and workmanship, and employ only licensed general contractors to complete the work.

Types of Socastee Sunrooms

Depending on the style of your home in Socastee, you can choose from a number of sunroom styles that will best fit your needs. Carolina Home Exterior sunrooms include Vinyl 4-Track, four season, three season, aluminum-built, traditional stick-built, glass, and acrylic. Give your family more space by expanding your home with a Socastee sunroom and make the home addition uniquely yours with several sunroom roof options from which to choose.

Socastee Screen Rooms and Pool Enclosures

If you need more space in your Socastee home, a screened in patio or pool enclosure can expand your living area. An addition to your home in Socastee will allow you to enjoy the warm summers and mild winters year-round with a screened room. Carolina Home Exteriors is your trusted screen room contractor in Socastee. Screened rooms aren’t just for your porch. Our services expand to screen doors for your home or garage. A No-See-Um or motorized screens will help you enjoy your home 12-months a year with the protection of a screened space.

Socastee Porch and Patio Covers

A porch or patio cover from Carolina Home Exteriors offers outdoor livable space, which is a must-have for any home in Socastee. Build an addition to your home with an outdoor liferoom that seamlessly transitions your indoor living to the backyard, or define your outdoor patio space with a pergola. A gazebo is the perfect setting for outdoor family dinners or Socastee neighborhood block parties. For those who want options when it comes to utilizing their outdoor space, a retractable pergola is a great Socastee home addition.

Socastee Screened Pool and Lanai Enclosures

Adding a screen pool and lanai enclosure to your Socastee home allows your family to enjoy your pool more months out of the year, and you benefit from not having to clean the pool as often. When you add an enclosure to your pool, you’ll not only keep out the unwanted pests but you offer your family more privacy. Pool enclosure additions are available in traditional screens, polycarbonate, or stucco and can feature a panoramic view, a retractable roof, or unique roof styles for your Socastee lanai cover.

Socastee Shade and Sun Control

The hot temperatures in the Myrtle Beach area can make for perfect beach days, but when you need a break from the heat, it’s time to depend on Carolina Home Exteriors for shade option for your Socastee home. A retractable awning can keep your porch or patio cool while matching window awnings can keep your indoor temperatures cool – helping regulate your power bill. Interior solar blinds can also help keep your home cool during the Myrtle Beach summer days.

Socastee Hurricane Protection

While homes in Socastee are typically a few miles away from the shore, the Myrtle Beach hurricane season is still something for which you should be prepared. With Carolina Home Exteriors, you can start your home hurricane prep during the off season and be ready for any storms that hit the South Carolina coast. When considering how to prepare your home for hurricanes, remember that Carolina Home Exteriors has a trusted team of contractors in the Socastee area. Our team can to install roll down shutters, accordion shutters, or any one of our other hurricane preparedness tools. Our team can also install storm panels on your home.

Socastee Windows, Decking, and Doors

Whether your Socastee home has survived decades of coastal weather or you’ve just selected a newly built single-family home, creating a safe space with your style is what Carolina Home Exteriors is all about. Our team is the trusted Socastee window installer. From functionality to cosmetic, if you want to replace or add windows or doors to your Socastee home, our team can handle the job.  You can check out the warranty offered with a number of the Carolina Home Exteriors projects. As your family grows, so does your need for space. Add a deck to your home to create more outdoor living space or reconstruct the deck railing for a new, modern look.

Carolina Home Exteriors also offers a number of other services. If you need a Socastee professional care and cleaning company, hot tub installation, or electrical work, our team can help.