Enjoy Your Summer With A Screen Room

Elegant pool enclosure with tastefully integrated lighting, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere for evening swims and gatherings

The benefits of living along the South Carolina coast are plentiful, especially when the warm summer temperatures arrive. While the sun and sand are always nice to look forward to, there are a few summertime pests that we’d all like to avoid. Protecting your family from insects, dangerous UV rays, and afternoon showers is easier than you think. Having a custom screen room added to your home will help you enjoy the summer months even more.

One of the least expensive ways to define your outdoor living space is to have Myrtle Beach sunroom builders screen in your patio. If you love the summer nights but hate the pests that come out to play, it’s time to create a screen room.  The Carolina Home Exteriors team will enclose your current patio or build a whole new space for you to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from insects. Take in a beautiful sunset or enjoy a cup of coffee when you wake without being bothered with bug spray or the weather.

What Is A Screen Room?

A screen room can be designed around your current porch or patio. Enclosing your current outdoor space is one of the easiest ways to build a custom screen room. However, if you don’t have the outdoor living space you desire, a quality contractor can create or expand the space you need for a protected area.

Screen Room Options

There are a variety of screen options to consider when you build your own space. Whether you want to create a private retreat, include advanced technology, or want the protection of screens without them being visible, Carolina Home Exteriors can complete the job.

  • No-See-Um Screens: A No-See-Um coated fiberglass woven screen from Carolina Home Exteriors is a rustproof, affordable and beautiful option for your screen room. Eliminate pests and customer you screen with colors ranging from light gray to charcoal
  • Privacy Screens: Shield your outdoor space from nearby roads and passing traffic or prying neighbors with a privacy screen.
  • Motorized Screens: Upgrade your screen room with motorized screens. A push of a button on a wireless remote will have all or some of your screens carefully rolled up into an enclosure mounted high on the wall.

There are other styles of screens available for your protected space, like screens designed specifically for pets. Combine these customizable features with other options like roof shape and room size to create your ideal screen room.

A screen room should be a safe haven from bugs and harmful UV rays. Make your screen porch space more comfortable with large pillows, splashes of color, and plants or flowers. By adding a screen enclosure to your home, you’ll add value and be able to enjoy all the benefits of your home, and none of the things you’d rather keep outside.

The Carolina Home Exteriors team understands that your home addition or improvement is an investment and our team is dedicated to not only building a Myrtle Beach screen room that fits your needs cosmetically but that also serves your family well through the years.