How To Create A Safe Outdoor Space

How To Create A Safe Outdoor Space

There’s really nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine on your Myrtle Beach sunroom or taking a dip in the pool under a safe lanai enclosure on a hot summer day, but in order to enjoy your home’s outdoor space, you need to make it safe. A safe environment goes beyond just the time you use the space. Take extra steps to make each area safe for the kids, sturdy against severe weather and difficult for passing animals (or neighbors) to access. Enjoy your space more when you know it’s safe and secure. Here’s how to do it.

Add Traction To Stairs

If you have stairs on your deck or leading to your enclosed pool from your home, it’s a good idea to add traction to each step to avoid slips. Even a couple of steps that lead to your Myrtle Beach lanai enclosure can be dangerous if they get wet. Tread tape is easy to use and comes in a variety of colors – including clear for discreet safety – allowing you to peel off the back and lay down a strip or two on each stair.


The deck or patio is a great place to relax until the threat of UV rays from the sun pours down on you. Adding a cover to your patio or creating a Myrtle Beach screen room shields your family from dangerous sun exposure, not to mention the drastic change in temperature that creates a comfortable space.

Deck Gate

To protect your kids or pets from tumbles down the deck stairs, install an outdoor child gate. Myrtle Beach contractors who build custom decks can recommend a style that would mesh well with your home. On that note, if there are any unstable deck railings, have the contractor inspect the issue It’s better to prevent an accident rather than install safety features after something occurs.

Pool Enclosure

A pool in your backyard is the perfect solution to a hot day along the coast, but that luxury can be very luring to wandering animals or kids. A Myrtle Beach pool enclosure protects your property but also guards you against liability if a neighbor decides to take a dip when you’re not home. In addition to greatly improving security, a pool enclosure at your Myrtle Beach home also means you’ll spend less time cleaning the pool and more time relaxing in it.

Hurricane Protection

Living along the coast brings a unique threat to your property. Hurricane protection for your Myrtle Beach home is extremely important. Hurricane shutters ward against shattered windows from flying debris (that main threat during a hurricane), and storm panels help protect glass sunrooms or floor to ceiling windows.

Your home is likely the largest investment you’ll make in a lifetime, so protecting it and the ones who live in it should be at the top of your priority list. From simple hazard prevention to shielding your home and family from hurricane force winds, when you take the time to create a safe outdoor space, you sleep more soundly on the inside.