5 Ways A Screen Room Makes Your Home Better

It’s easy to see the benefits of a screen room when it’s raining or too hot to sit in direct sunlight. You’re easily protected from the quickly-changing elements Mother Nature can bring along the coast. But what about the ways a screen room makes your home better that aren’t immediately visible?

A custom outdoor living space not only expands your home to accommodate a growing family, but it will also be a great selling point if ever you decided to move. Check out these ways a screen room makes your home better.

1. Protects Against Nature

When you want to be outdoors but don’t want to deal with the pests and threat of bad weather, it’s time to invest in a screen room for your home. Nestled comfortably behind the protective screens, you can enjoy nature without actually being in it. More importantly, you’re protecting your family from disease-carrying insects that can quickly ruin outdoor activities. Enjoy a family dinner or glass of wine without swatting away gnats and mosquitos when you invest in a Myrtle Beach screen room.

2. Increases Home Value

According to a consumer survey conducted by Wakefield Research, 56 percent of homebuyers said they would sacrifice square footage in a home for more outdoor living space. As more house hunters search for properties that offer screen rooms, sunrooms, or a lanai, the value of your property increases with the addition of a custom screen room.

3. Adds Square Footage

Create your custom space with additional square footage to your home. Not only does adding square footage directly add value to your home, but it also gives your family another room to use. Whether you opt for a home office, workout room, or it becomes the new hangout spot, a screen room adds valuable square footage to your property.

4. Offers Health Benefits (yes, really!)

Screen rooms offer natural sunlight that you may get to enjoy otherwise due to extreme heat or dangerous UV rays. Health studies reveal that sunlight – a major source of Vitamin D – helps improve our mood, emotional state, and overall well-being. Spending time in your Myrtle Beach screen room can help you relax and even lower your blood pressure.

5. Creates a Place For Guests

Enjoy time with visiting family and friends even more when you can use your custom screen room to entertain for dinner or serve cocktails in the evening. Your new screened enclosure is the perfect place to celebrate, enjoy each other’s company, or simply relax in the outdoors.

A screen porch should be a safe haven from bugs and harmful UV rays. Make your screen porch space more comfortable with large pillows, splashes of color, and plants or flowers. By adding a screen enclosure to your home, you’ll add value and be able to enjoy all the benefits of your home, and none of the things you’d rather keep outside.