Why A LifeRoom Will Become Your Favorite Space

Why A LifeRoom Will Become Your Favorite Space

You know those spaces in your home that for some unknown reason quickly become your go to spot? Your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom is that cozy place. Whether you’re reading a book, relaxing for movie night or hosting guests, the LifeRoom becomes the life of the party. It can be an open space perfect for grilling out and moving freely, or the retractable screens can be released to keep out unwanted pests or different weather elements.


Your LifeRoom is the space where your family’s indoor lifestyle meets outdoor living. While you’ll find countless reasons to love your custom LifeRoom, here are the top reasons the space will become your favorite spot in the house.


Soak Up The Sun

Your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom will let in sunlight so you can enjoy the sun’s warms without getting sunburned or sitting in the direct heat. When you want to shield your space from the sun, a simple click of a button will release the screens to close the area.


Bring Nature Inside

Imagine getting cozy with a hot cup of coffee on a cool morning, taking in your backyard without having to worry about the insects or brisk wind blowing through your custom built LifeRoom. Sinking into an oversized chair in your Conway LifeRoom is the perfect spot to admire your garden or listen to the bird chirp without dealing with any of nature’s negative side effects.


Expand Your Living Space

A LifeRoom offers space that is useful and versatile. The Carolina Home Exteriors team is an experienced LifeRoom builder in Myrtle Beach and will construct your space to mirror your home’s design, giving you a seamless flow from your main home to the LifeRoom area. The outdoor living space quickly becomes added square footage to your home, perfect for the present when you need space for a growing family, and even better in the future when it increases the value of your home for a sell.


Improve Home Value

Wake Forest research shows more than half of homebuyers would forfeit square footage in a home for outdoor living space, but with a Myrtle Beach LifeRoom, you can have both. The exterior materials are carefully matched to your home by the Carolina Home Exteriors team, and the Myrtle Beach LifeRoom is built to look like it is part of the original plan. This completely customizable space is the perfect combination of patio cover, sunroom, Four Seasons Sunroom, and open-air lifestyle room to enhance the enjoyment of your most valuable asset, your home.


When it comes to the best outdoor décor, we do suggest you make your outdoor living space comfortable and equip it in a way that invites you to use the space each day. Enjoy your LifeRoom in Myrtle Beach more when you add these seven accessories to the room.


Your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom is a great home addition that adds living space and room for activities you love – whether that’s reading a book or sipping a glass of lemonade. Cheers to this new favorite space!