7 Must-Have Accessories In Your LifeRoom

7 Must-Have Accessories In Your LifeRoom

When it comes to decorating your home addition, it may be tempting to fill the Myrtle Beach LifeRoom with leftover furniture or the wicker set you’ve had on the deck for years. While we’re not suggesting an on-trend sofa is the best LifeRoom accessory (who hasn’t mistakenly made the cool-in-the-moment purchase?), we do suggest you make your outdoor living space comfortable and equip it in a way that invites you to use the space each day. Enjoy your LifeRoom in Myrtle Beach more with these seven accessories.


Dedicate your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom to a theme, or continue the indoor décor throughout you outdoor living area. Pops of color throughout the space will make it more welcoming and create a distinguished space. Whether you use throw pillows, artwork, or fresh flowers, add color to the space to make it lively year-round.

Oversized Chair

A comfy sofa is nice, and bench seating works well for a large group, but there’s a must-have factor about a soft, oversized chair. When the cushion sinks just enough to conform to your body and there’s enough space to curl up with a good book, you know you’ve found the perfect accessory to your custom-built LifeRoom.


Adding a LifeRoom to your home gives you an opportunity to enjoy nature and create a perfect get-a-way space, but let’s not forget about game day or family movie night! A television is a must in your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom. If you want to avoid having the TV as the focal point, use custom furniture pieces that can conceal the television until you want to use it.

Bar Cart

Stop running from the kitchen to your covered patio or LifeRoom. Add a bar cart to the space to hold a bottle (or two) of wine, some snacks, and a few glasses. With the variety of style, you can opt for a modern bar cart that disguises as décor, incorporate a rustic look with wood, or use a bold color to make the cart a focal point in your LifeRoom.

Durable Rug

Your LifeRoom home addition will be the go-to place for family dinners, parties, and movie night. With all that foot traffic, you’re going to need a rug that can take some wear and tear but last for years to come. An indoor / outdoor option may be a good fit, or go with a natural material to add texture to your space.


Add some nature to your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom with fresh plants. Hanging options or floor plants will add a layer of warmth and make the space feel more like the transitional area from in to outdoors. Not sure which types of plants grow best in a Myrtle Beach sunroom or LifeRoom? Check out our list.


Candles, string lights, or unique lamps all have the power to illuminate your space while adding coziness to the LifeRoom. The hanging lights are a perfect summer party addition and candles can accent your outdoor family dinners.

Make your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom your own unique space that your family and guests will enjoy for years to come. The Carolina Home Exteriors team can walk you through your design options with a new LifeRoom. Contact us today to set up a free in-home consultation.