Top 4 Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2019

Top 4 Screen Room Furniture Trends For 2019

Don’t wait until the spring months to plan your outdoor space. Your Myrtle Beach screen room needs an update now to catch the wave of outdoor furniture trends and be prepared for the warm temperatures ahead. Whether you’re just looking for a few upgrades or you want to completely revamp your space, we have the top four screen room furniture trends you’ll want to use to liven up your space.

Jewel Tones

What your outdoor living space needs is a pop of saturated color. White is making its exit as bold jewel tones move in. Whether it’s a stack of pillows thrown about in your screen room Myrtle Beach space, or you go for a statement rug that fills the room with vibrant warms, jewel tones are taking over this spring. If you’re not sure how to mix colors with the furniture you already have, stick with one or two colors of the same palette. If you already have small pops of royal blue in your current décor, go for royal blue pillows with small accents of yellow or green.

Eye-catching Plants

Big plants – think palm trees or a dragon tree – will be the focal point in your outdoor space this summer. Based on your geographical location, you’ll have to choose a plant that will thrive in your temperatures. A custom Myrtle Beach sunroom is welcoming to a variety of bold trees and plants thanks to the warm climate. Add the trees to jewel-tone pots and place them in different areas of your space. You’ll not only benefit from the beauty of the natural scenery, but trees in your screen room can help improve air quality.

Multi-use Furniture

As we move into a more minimalistic approach to our homes in 2019, furniture that pulls double duty will be a top design trend. From the end tables that double as extra stools to the coffee tables that has a secret compartment for chilled beverages, multi-use furniture helps extend the life of your space. By filling your Myrtle Beach screen room with furniture that can work overtime, you avoid cramming your space with every type of furniture imaginable. You’ll also spend less time shifting furniture from inside your home to accommodate more guests. Everything you need will be available in a few core pieces.

Curvy Designs

Furniture with a curve, like circular chairs or oval-shaped tables are coming in strong in 2019. While clean lines will always have a place in furniture design, the soft curves that dominated the 1970’s are making a comeback. Try chairs with a curved back or circular ottomans to add a welcoming warmth to your Myrtle Beach screen room.

How you decorate your space can create a distinct feel. Use touches of nature, bold colors, and multifunctional pieces to make your screen room more accessible year-round. The curvy furniture will bring a chic touch to the space while colorful, comfortable pillows make it relaxing and inviting.