Best Ways To Structure Your Small Outdoor Space

Best Ways To Structure Your Small Outdoor Space

Small doesn’t mean insignificant when it comes to outdoor living space. While an expansive, custom Myrtle Beach LifeRoom is a great way to enjoy the outdoors year-round, if you have a smaller area to relax or dine outdoors, here’s how you can make the most of your small outdoor space.

Define the Space

Your patio needs more than wicker furniture and a bug repellant candle. Add a pergola to your outdoor space to set parameters on a particular area of relaxation and entertainment. There’s no need to rearrange patio furniture before a cookout or drag a chair across the lawn when guests arrive. Guests will see the pergola and know that is the designated outdoor entertainment area. You can accentuate the space with beautiful outdoor furniture, a fire pit, and greenery.

Solo Retreat

Finding the perfect spot to curl up with a book or glass of wine doesn’t call for a large space. Even if you don’t have the option for a Myrtle Beach sunroom, you can create a solo retreat with the space you do have. A Myrtle Beach covered porch works well as your quiet time space. Make your covered porch or screen room the perfect escape with an oversized, comfy chair, welcoming pillows, and unique end tables.

Corner Garden

Myrtle Beach sunrooms are ideal for plant lovers. The glass lets in rays of sunlight that are perfect for growing a variety of flowers and other plants. Depending on the style of your sunroom Myrtle Beach, you may be able to keep your plants in bloom year-round. A sunroom addition is especially great is you don’t have the yard space for a garden or love to grow plants that only bloom in warm environments.

Enhance Lighting

One of the best ways to make a small space appear larger is to use the proper lighting. Candles, string lights, or unique lamps all have the power to illuminate your space while adding coziness to a sunroom or pergola. The hanging lights are a perfect summer party addition and candles can accent your outdoor family dinners.

Screen The Patio

One of the least expensive ways to define your outdoor living space is to have Myrtle Beach sunroom builders screen in your patio. If you love the summer nights but hate the pests that come out to play, it’s time to create a screen room.  A screen room contractor in Myrtle Beach will enclose your current patio or build a whole new space for you to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from insects. Take in a beautiful sunset or enjoy a cup of coffee when you wake without being bothered with bug spray or the weather.

The Carolina Home Exteriors team understands that your home addition or improvement is an investment and our team is dedicated to not only building a Myrtle Beach sunroom that fits your needs cosmetically but that also serves your family well through the years.