7 Elements Of The Perfect Sunroom

7 Elements Of The Perfect Sunroom

Whether you have a sunroom or you’re considering the home addition, there’s no denying the space offers a spot to relax, enjoy the sun, and adds square footage to your home. A Four Seasons Sunroom can turn just an existing space into a sunny retreat. With a few additions to your Myrtle Beach sunroom, you can turn a great space into an inviting experience.

Comfortable Seating

It’s time to upgrade the wicker set to a comfortable, living room arrangement. Soft materials in inviting colors will have your family using your Myrtle Beach sunroom more than any other room in the house. Add oversized pillows, plush throws and cozy rugs to enhance the space. Bring the Four Seasons Sunroom to life with small lamps atop end tables nestled between your seating.

Multi-purpose Space

Don’t think your sunroom Myrtle Beach can’t be used for multiple settings, especially during the summer months. Move in a table to enjoy your dinner in an outdoor-style setting without having to battle the bugs. A convertible sofa is nice to offer a pull-out bed in your sunroom home addition to guests. Use furniture that allows you to use the sunroom as often as possible.

Environmental Controls

Four Seasons Sunrooms have optional HVAC connections. For sunrooms without the HVAC connection, ceiling fans or electric fireplaces in your space are great ways to control the temperature and still be able to enjoy the space most of the year.

Privacy Shades

A variety of Myrtle Beach sunrooms boast floor to ceiling windows, allowing you to enjoy plenty of sunlight. Energy saving windows and door will help keep the temperature of your sunroom regulated, but for an added layer of protection, use curtains, blinds, or plantation shutters.


A benefit of all the sunlight that streams into your Four Seasons Sunroom is being able to grow a number of plants. A sunroom is the transitional space between the indoors and outdoors. Adding greenery helps bring nature inside and give you the outdoor feeling with indoor comfort.

A Home Office

If you’re dying for the corner office with a view, opt for a home addition and turn your sunroom into a home office. It’s easy to transition the space from an office to a dining area so you get more use out of the Myrtle Beach sunroom.


From holiday parties to watching the big game, your sunroom Myrtle Beach is the perfect space to entertain guests. The lighting can easily be changed – opt for string lights, candles, or a dimmer switch – and the outdoor views will be a natural draw for party guests. Many Four Seasons Sunrooms are positioned close to the kitchen for easy access to food and drinks.

Turn your basic home addition into a place where memories are made, work is accomplished and great meals are shared. With a few pieces of comfortable furniture, you’ll be ready to send out invitations and share this great space with friends!