Why You Need A Sunroom This Summer

Why You Need A Sunroom This Summer

Adding a Myrtle Beach sunroom to your house can enhance your summer! In fact, you’ll enjoy the space well beyond the sunny months, but a custom sunroom in Myrtle Beach gives you more options for relaxing, enjoying nature, and enhancing the value of your home. Need a few more reasons to consider adding a Myrtle Beach Four Seasons Sunroom to your home?

Family Hangout Spot

Get the family away from the cell phones and take a break in your Myrtle Beach sunroom. When it’s too hot to spend a lot of time outdoors or evening thunderstorms are rolling over, set up the sunroom with board games, a family dinner, or as a playroom for the kids. A Four Seasons Sunroom is perfect for playtime with tons of natural light and the windows give you protection from insects while you can still enjoy a natural setting.

Party Room

Use your sunroom to celebrate summer birthdays without melting the cake! Whether you’re hosting a party for a friend or partying with family, the Myrtle Beach sunroom is a comfortable place for guests to relax. Even if you don’t have any birthdays to celebrate – use the space for graduation parties, Mother’s or Father’s Day dinners, or anniversary celebrations. You can easily decorate or rearrange the space for any occasion.

Solo Retreat

Whether you use the home addition to enjoy your morning coffee or spend a few afternoon hours getting cozy with a book, a Myrtle Beach sunroom works well as your quiet time space. Make your Four Seasons Sunroom the perfect escape with an oversized, comfy chair, welcoming pillows, and unique end tables that hold your glass while you read. Custom features to your sunroom will also allow you to raise or lower the blinds with the push of a button or adjust the temperature to your liking.

Cozy Corner For Two

Share a glass of wine with you partner or snuggle on the sofa for a beautiful sunset right from your sunroom windows. Use your new space as a hide-a-way for two – whether it’s private dinners or morning chats over a cup of coffee – this space is a great place to slip off to for some alone time.

Show Off Your Green Thumb

Plant lovers have a natural attraction to sunrooms in Myrtle Beach. The glass lets in rays of sunlight that are perfect for growing a variety of flowers and other plants. Because the environment inside a Four Seasons Sunroom is controlled, you’ll be able to keep your plants in bloom year-round. A sunroom addition is especially great is you don’t have the yard space for a garden or love to grow plants that only bloom in warm environments.


Whether you’re looking for a family hangout spot, want a place to grow your plants, or just need a private retreat, a Myrtle Beach sunroom is the perfect solution. In just a few days, your sunroom addition can be a reality. Schedule a free consultation with the Carolina Home Exteriors team to determine what style sunroom is best for your home.