What Is Your Favorite Room In The House?

What Is Your Favorite Room In The House?

Do you love idea of a cozy reading corner or sharing a family meal outdoors? Your Myrtle Beach sunroom can be easily transformed to replicate your favorite space, and who couldn’t use another comfy space to share with family or spend some “me” time? To create a Myrtle Beach sunroom that you love and will use everyday, think about what room in your home (or a friend’s house) you love. Whether it’s the peaceful color of your bedroom or the oversized chair in the living room – here’s how to replicate your favorite spaces in your Myrtle Beach sunroom.


If your favorite spot in your home is the bedroom, think about what makes it so special. If it’s the thought of your comfy bed, replicate the plush setting in your Four Seasons Sunroom with an oversized chair or comfortable chaise. Fill the space with colorful pillows and plush curtains that create a custom sunroom that fills warm and welcoming.


The kitchen is a natural gathering space for family and guests. It’s easy to transform your sunroom Myrtle Beach into a relaxed complimentary space to your kitchen. Add a table, even a small one, that can be used for meals or just late evenings of conversation and a glass of wine. Your custom built sunroom will also be more enjoyable with the addition of a bar cart or small buffet. The piece can hold a few wine glasses, beverages, or plates for when a meal is served.


It’s likely you spend a lot of time in your home office, but the sunroom addition of your home can easily be used as a workspace or reading nook. The natural light that flows into a Four Seasons Sunroom allows you to enjoy nature while also getting work done. Add a writing desk that can double as a sofa table when you’re not working and line one of the walls with bookshelves to store your favorite novels.

Workout room

Don’t have the space for a home gym or you’re tired of staring at the treadmill in the garage? Your sunroom can act as a great workout space. Exercise equipment that folds away is best and can be stored under furniture in your Myrtle Beach sunroom or tucked into the corner to stay out of the way when it’s not being used. Add a television for entertainment and to use while you’re on the stationary bike or elliptical.

Make the most of your sunroom Myrtle Beach by enhancing the functionality and comfort. Get creative and look for the space that isn’t being utilized. Incorporating your favorite aspects of other rooms into your Four Seasons Sunroom will allow the entire family to enjoy the space more often.