Let the Sunshine In! Three Simple Steps to Hire the Best Sunroom Contractor

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Every homeowner along the Grand Strand, from Little River to Georgetown, and from Myrtle Beach to Conway, understands that the beauty, performance and utility of a well-crafted sun room, requires hiring only the most proficient and professional sunroom contractors. Whether a three seasons sunroom, or a four seasons sun room (one designed for year-round use), you can trust the area’s leading sunroom contractor, the professionals at Carolina Home Exteriors.

When it comes to getting the job done right, Carolina Home Exteriors is a certified, licensed sunroom contractor and residential homebuilder with knowledge and knowhow, putting care for the customer first. Ask for a no cost, no obligation consultation and a visit from our team of design experts. We are the sun room contractor and homebuilder you can trust.

Here are a few steps to consider when hiring a sunroom contractor.

  1. Years in business.

Is the company you’re considering the unproven new kid on the block, more likely to make claims and promises that can only be achieved by cutting corners? Can they backup their claims with satisfied customer testimonies dating back decades? Carolina Home Exteriors has been serving Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand for nearly 40 years. We have the backing of our suppliers and the backing of our customers that only years of service can deliver. Length of time in business matters. Ask.

  1. Understanding the Law, Credentials, Insurance

Is the prospective builder a licensed homebuilder and sun room contractor? Do they understand that any new build must meet homeowners’ association guidelines, and more importantly, must pass local, state and federal specifications for new construction? If your contractor claims they can “save you money” by “working around the system,” run away, don’t walk. Improper permitting can cost you a fortune in legal fees, force the removal of improperly permitted new construction, and leave you with nothing but a hole in your wallet. Because we are licensed homebuilders and sun room contractors we follow the letter of the law, and exceed government specifications to ensure you’re new sun room is not only beautiful, but that it’s compliant with the regulations and will stand up to our harsh weather extremes. We are a licensed SC residential homebuilder and sunroom contractor. Beware of those who are not.

  1. Ratings, Reviews, Testimonials

In the Internet age all online reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt, good and bad. Customer testimonials, however, with verifiable photos and real addresses offer the proof in the pudding. While we honor and defend our customers’ privacy, many of our past and current customers are happy to provide references and let their sunroom projects stand as evidence of our superior workmanship. Check the Better Business Bureau for ratings (we hold an A+).

It’s in your own best interest to do a little homework and then feel confident that the sun room contractor you hire also has your best interests at heart. It’s what we stand by, and how we’ve built our business.