Sunroom Vs. Home Addition: Comparing the Costs

Sunroom Vs. Home Addition: Comparing the Costs

Building a Myrtle Beach sunroom is a great way to add living space to your home. Sunrooms bring in the outdoors while still protecting your family from pests and different weather elements. With a variety of options to customize your Myrtle Beach sunroom, there’s a way to work the home addition into your budget, no matter how large or small.


Home additions – additional room, detached addition, or expanding a specific area – offer more square footage but come with a premium cost. While the addition may meet your needs today, it will be difficult to recoup the costs of a brick and mortar home addition when it comes time to sell.


Sunroom vs. Home Addition

As you consider a home addition of any kind to your property, it’s necessary to know the benefits and properties of each style. Below is a comparison of a Myrtle Beach sunroom and a traditional home addition.


Three Seasons Sunroom

  • Available for the majority of the year
  • Option to connect HVAC if desired
  • Flexibility to exchange glass for screen when weather allows
  • High level of cost management during construction
  • Low likelihood of construction delays
  • Cost is low in terms of home additions

Four Seasons Sunroom

  • Fits a number of needs (i.e. – home office, guest space, greenhouse)
  • Climate controlled with fully functioning HVAC
  • Constructed in climate controlled conditions
  • Energy efficient
  • High level of cost management during construction
  • Low likelihood of construction delays
  • Cost is higher than Three Seasons Sunroom, lower than home addition

Traditional Home Addition

  • Used for any room addition
  • Suitable for any room addition
  • Climate controlled with fully functioning HVAC
  • Home is opened to elements in many scenarios to complete build
  • Depending on HVAC working, may not meet highest energy efficiency
  • Surprises during construction can cause price to spike
  • High likelihood of construction delays
  • Brick and mortar home addition is most expensive


Which Is Better: Sunroom Or Home Addition?

Four Seasons Sunrooms are efficiently insulated as the process is complete at the factory, making your Myrtle Beach sunroom energy efficient and comfortable. Conversely, properly insulating a new build addition can be a difficult process as the inner workings of a home addition aren’t necessarily easy to access during the building process.


In addition, a sunroom offers natural sunlight and the opportunity to change the purpose of the space as often as you would like. With a stick built addition, it’s very difficult to change the purpose without further construction.


All things considered, a Myrtle Beach sunroom is more cost effective, can be completed in a shorter time frame, and is more likely to meet the demands of your budget as the construction is done independent of your home for much of the process.

If you’d like the Carolina Home Exteriors team to visit your home for a free consultation, connect with us and we’ll schedule your appointment. From there, we can delve into what features you’d like to see in your sunroom Myrtle Beach, and how to make those elements work for your budget.