Questions To Ask Before And During Your Sunroom Design Consultation

If you’ve been considering adding a Sunroom to your home, you’ve likely done some research on the size, timeline, and price. While you need to know all of that information before choosing a sunroom, there are questions you should ask before and during your consultation to help you decide what style is best for your family. After installing many sunrooms, our team has been asked many questions, here are the most common (and most helpful).

Before Your Sunroom Design Consultation

1. How long will the in-home consultation take?

Each of the sunrooms installed by Carolina Home Exteriors is a custom design, so our team wants to meet with you to discuss your needs and expectations. The free consultation should take about 60 minutes, possibly longer for a complex project.

2. What can I expect during an in-home consultation?

A consultation for a sunroom may vary for different companies, but the team at Carolina Home Exteriors wants your experience to be as productive as possible to give you the most value for your time.

During the consultation, we’ll get rough measurements of your project, show you samples of the materials available, and discuss the function you desire from the space. We’ll also discuss the price point and options for payment. We want you to be informed and feel confident in your decision, so our team will answer any questions you may have about the home addition.

3. Who should attend the consultation?

Our team wants your sunroom to be a functional, enjoyable part of your home. For that reason, anyone who plans to use the room should attend the consultation.


During Your Design Consultation

4. Are you licensed and insured in this state?

Avoid the fly-by-night companies trying to scam you out of your hard-earned cash or create an unsafe addition to your home. An unlicensed contractor is hard to hold responsible for unfinished or lousy work. Ask for the contractor’s license number so you can check the records yourself!

5. Do you offer a warranty on your work?

Adding a sunrooms to your home is an investment for your family. You want to ensure you receive a quality product and work. Ask your contractor what the warranty is for the materials used and for the construction of the unit. Carolina Home Exteriors stands behind our work with a craftsmanship warranty.

6. What’s included in a standard contract?

Contracts will differ depending on the contractor and state, but there are some pretty common elements to a contract that should be included when choosing a sunroom. Your contract should include an approximate timeline, a total cost, any exclusions, and details of the payment plan when applicable.

7. Can I see previous projects and contact references?

Our best marketing strategy has always been word-of-mouth!

Ask your contractor to see photos of completed projects, specifically ones that mirror what you want for your home. Ask the contractor for references of homeowners whose work has been completed in the past year. Reputable sunroom contractors will be able to provide the names and phone numbers of those who are willing to recommend the contractor’s work.

Adding a sunroom or any outdoor living addition to your home is an investment that should last for years to come and create enjoyment for the whole family. Choosing the right contractor for your home addition is essential to making sure the project is finished on schedule and engineered with quality!

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