How To Make Your Myrtle Beach Sunroom Pet-Friendly

If your family pets are more like furry family members, you want them to be able to enjoy the most of your home. There are certain ways to make your Myrtle Beach sunroom pet-friendly, allowing your four-legged friends the same relaxation you get out of the additional space.

Sunrooms And Pets

A sunroom  is the perfect space for your pets to soak up the sun’s rays without you having to worry about the bugs digging into their fur. You’ll also appreciate that Fido can take in the fresh air without dragging dirt and mud into your home.

Placing their favorite bed or cushion in the corner of the sunroom makes the room a perfect place for pets to enjoy playing or napping.

With a Myrtle Beach sunroom you can enjoy the peace of being surrounded by outdoors year round thanks to the complete enclosure and the ability to heat and cool the space. Even during the winter months, pets can take advantage of the sunlight and you don’t have to worry about staying warm while allowing them time “outside”.


While you’ll want to move your plants into the sunroom to allow for more sunlight, keep in mind that pets like to lick or nibble on leaves and flowers. Be sure whichever plants you choose and pet-friendly. If you puppy like to dig, you can use cotton balls dipped in oil of cloves to repel your dog away from the plant. Just place the cotton balls in the soil, and don’t worry, it’s not harmful at all for your plants.


If you have a new puppy, or maybe just a curious pet, avoid furniture that can scratch or damage easily. Leather and wicker materials tend to be the most tempting, so when filling your Myrtle Beach sunroom with furniture, remember to choose something that comfortable and durable.

Outdoors Break

While having a sunroom addition looks and feels like you’re outside, it’s important that your pets still have access to the actual outdoors. Adding a doggie door for easy exit will allow pets to relieve themselves outside, keeping your sunroom clean.


Before you begin filing your Four Seasons Sunroom with valuable décor that’s easily broken, consider which shelf may be best or if it needs a new home altogether. Cats can be curious climbers, and you don’t want to turn your sunroom into a playground of glass. Keep the décor free of fragile items.

Pets bring us a lot of joy and your Four Seasons Sunroom will certainly be a space they can relax. Follow these simple steps for your Myrtle Beach sunroom and the entire family can enjoy the space.