LifeRoom Custom Features Make Outdoor Living More Enjoyable

LifeRoom Custom Features Make Outdoor Living More Enjoyable

Adding a Myrtle Beach LifeRoom to your home creates a comfortable, versatile space for you entire family that can be used for the majority of the year. You can customize the space to mirror your home, creating a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living. A custom LifeRoom has the option for numerous features, allowing you to choose how the space will look, how big it will be, and what elements will be available. Building a LifeRoom onto your Myrtle Beach home can be done within your budget and takes just a few days to complete. A LifeRoom is innovative and sophisticated. Here are the biggest benefits of building a custom Myrtle Beach LifeRoom.

Benefits of LifeRoom

Expand your living space. A LifeRoom offers space that is useful and versatile. The outdoor living space quickly becomes added square footage to your home, perfect for the present when you need space for a growing family, and even better in the future when it increases the value of your home for a sell.

Improve home value. The exterior materials for your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom are carefully matched to your home by the Carolina Home Exteriors team, and the space is built to look like it is part of the original plan. This completely customizable space is the perfect way to enhance the enjoyment of your most valuable asset, your home.

Enjoy the summer sun. Your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom will let in sunlight so you can enjoy the sun’s warmth without getting sunburned or sitting in the direct heat. When you want to shield your space from the sun, a simple click of a button will release the screens to close the area.

Customize your LifeRoom

Customization is what makes your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom so valuable. You get to choose the color, material and size of your space, but to keep it comfortable for the hot summer temperatures, consider these upgrades.

  • Sliding screens: Make all walls of the LifeRoom retractable with sliding screens, or just opt for one main area to retract. You can protect your family from bugs and harmful UV rays with the feature.
  • Cool mist: Make even the hottest Myrtle Beach days enjoyable with cool mist technology built into your LifeRoom. With a sophisticated climate system, the LifeRoom can create an ultra-fine mist to cool you down.
  • Customizable lighting: From a traditional outdoor ceiling fan to color-changing lights that line the screens of the room, you decide the style and color.

Your LifeRoom home addition will be the go-to place for family dinners, parties, and movie night. Make your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom your own unique space that your family and guests will enjoy for years to come.

How Is A Myrtle Beach LifeRoom Constructed?

Myrtle Beach LifeRooms are built with clean, efficient construction. The process differs from a traditional brick and mortar home addition. It takes much less time and disruption to your home to construct a LifeRoom and the added space will be available to your family in a matter of weeks, not months as with traditional home additions.

Your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom is a great home addition that adds living space and room for activities you love – whether that’s reading a book or sipping a glass of lemonade. Cheers to this new favorite space! Schedule your free in-home consultation to review your options for a LifeRoom.