Kick Off Back-To-School With A Sunroom Summer Bash

Kick Off Back-To-School With A Sunroom Summer Bash

Getting back into a routine when the school year restarts can take a few weeks, so here are some fun ways to use your Myrtle Beach sunroom to make back-to-school time enjoyable. If you’ve ever tried to plan an outdoor event during the Myrtle Beach summer months, you know pop-up rain storms can move through at a moment’s notice. Your sunroom addition can be used to celebrate the return to school (even in wet weather) and in different ways throughout the year to keep the kids engaged in school work and offer the family time together.

Back-To-School Bash

Even if the celebration is just for the parents, your sunroom in Myrtle Beach can easily serve as the back-to-school bash space. Party decorations, games, and even a cake can make the pre-classroom get-together fun. By hosting the party in your Myrtle Beach sunroom, you’ll get to enjoy nature without suffering through the humidity and high temperatures.

Supplies Organization

The Four Seasons Sunroom space is the perfect area to prep all of your back-to-school supplies. Use the room to take inventory of all your supplies and check the items off your list. Once you’ve covered everything on the paper, store your book bags and laptops in the Myrtle Beach sunroom to keep the house organized.

Homework Time

Once the kids are back into the groove of school, the homework assignments start to pour in. Use your enclosed sunroom space as a private homework area where the kids can get their assignments complete without distractions. Setting up a table in the sunroom addition creates a comfortable space to work.

Afterschool Snack

Kids are never as hungry as they are pouring in the door after a day at school. Use your Myrtle Beach sunroom as a space for the kids to have snacks and relax before starting homework or going outside to play. It’s easy to set up a fruit tray or stacks of sandwiches and let the kids relax on the sunroom sofa or lounge chair.


As the school year continues, your kids are sure to make new friends. Having friends over for a sleepover means they’ll want quick access to late night snacks and movies. Set up sleeping bags in the Sunroom addition to let the kids take advantage of the nearby kitchen and Netflix. (Plus, it’s easier to keep an eye on the kids in the sunroom space!)

What are some creative ways you use your Myrtle Beach sunroom? If you don’t have a Four Seasons Sunroom addition, now is the perfect time to schedule your free in-home estimate. As the temperature begins to cool and leaves change colors, you’ll want to sit in your enclosed sunroom space and enjoy the changing seasons! Hiring a reputable contractor to build your Myrtle Beach sunroom will add space, functionality and value to your home. Contact the Carolina Home Exteriors team for your complimentary consultation to discuss which Myrtle Beach sunroom best fits your needs.