How to Prep Your Sunroom for the Holidays

If you’re having a few friends over to celebrate the holidays or you’re opening your home to extended family who will stay for days, your sunroom is the perfect space to host drinks, dinner, or just watch your favorite holiday film. If the weather is cooler as you celebrate, you may want to use these tips to warm your space and jazz it up with some holiday spirit.

Sing Loud for All to Hear

Holiday music is usually the first reminder that the holidays are here. Whether you play music through Alexa or install a surround sound system, make it easy to turn on Christmas music whenever you need to get in the holiday mood.

Show Off Your Christmas Tree

Even if you already have your tree in the living room, you can add a second Christmas tree to spread the holiday cheer. A pencil Christmas tree would stand out without taking up too much space in your sunroom, leaving plenty of room for family to gather for holiday cocktails!

Turn Up the Heat

Depending on your climate, you may want to add mobile heaters in your sunroom to keep guests warm. Heaters that offer a display of flames create a great holiday scene. For long-term temperature control, consider adding an electric fireplace to be able to enjoy it even longer throughout the year.

Celebrate with a Cocktail Bar

Stop running from the kitchen to your sunroom. Add a cocktail bar or drink station with your favorite wine, cocktail options, snacks, and a fun sign inviting friends and family to enjoy themselves. You can opt for a modern bar cart that disguises as décor, incorporate a rustic look with wood, or use a bold color to make the cart a focal point. You can also add some holiday decor to the bar to keep the festive theme.

Get Creative With Christmas Lights

The holiday season is all about lights! From scented candles to colorful string lights, fill your sunroom with crisp white lights for a classic Christmas look or opt for holiday fun in a string of colored bulbs. The hanging lights are a perfect holiday party addition and candles can accent your outdoor family dinners.

Hang Wreaths & Mistletoe

Enjoy your Christmas tree indoors, but don’t forget to add a little holly to the sunroom space. Add a wreath, mistletoe, or holly to your window trimmings or over furniture to give some holiday flavor to the space.

Make your sunroom your own unique space that your family and guests will enjoy throughout the holiday season and beyond. The Carolina Home Exteriors team can walk you through your design options with a new sunroom. Contact us today to set up a free in-home consultation.