How To Keep Your Sunroom Temperature Comfortable Year Round

How To Keep Your Sunroom Temperature Comfortable Year Round

A Four Seasons Sunroom Myrtle Beach builder can help you insulate your sunroom to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But there are steps you can take in your custom Myrtle Beach sunroom to help regulate the temperatures and allow you to use the space throughout most of the year.

While the coastal climate doesn’t typically allow for your Myrtle Beach sunroom to become a frozen tundra, it’s a good idea to follow these steps to keep the warm air inside. You’ll not only save money on your energy bill, but you can use the outdoor-inspired space to share family dinners, holiday parties or just relax on those cool, fall evenings.

  • Install weather-stripping: Weather stripping is relatively inexpensive and a pretty easy DIY weekend job. Add the protective strip around windows in you Myrtle Beach sunroom or use a clear caulk to fill in the small areas between the wall and window frames.
  • Plastic over windows: Apply a clear sheet of plastic over the windows in your custom sunroom space. This type of insulation won’t be as effective as sealing the windows or adding insulation in the walls, but it is an added barrier for cold wind to pass before entering your living space. A window insulator kit is pretty inexpensive and easy to use.
  • Install a ceiling fan: If your sunroom Myrtle Beach space does not already have a ceiling fan, consider adding one. While it won’t create heat, it will help disperse rising heat to your entire Myrtle Beach sunroom, warning the whole room.
  • Hang insulated drapes: Thick, insulated drapes that cover the windows of your sunroom Myrtle Beach will help block any cool air seeping in and hold warm air in the room. When the sun is shining, you can pull the drapes back to allow the warmth in.
  • Lay rugs: Insulate the Myrtle Beach sunroom floor with a thick rug that matches your decor and stop heat from escaping through the base of the room. Laying rug mats to keep the rug in place will also create an insulation barrier.
  • Door draft stopper: Sometimes referred to as a “door snake,” a door draft stopper can be used on the bottom of your Myrtle Beach sunroom door that leads to the outside to block cool air from coming in. Door draft stoppers can also be created to sit in window seals for the same purpose.

When it’s time to update or insulate your Myrtle Beach sunroom, you can make simple changes that cost $20, or make an investment in your property by converting the space to a Four Seasons Sunroom. No matter the budget, creating a comfortable environment that fits your family’s needs means you’ll spend more time in the space, dramatically increasing your return on the investment.