How To Get Your Sunroom Ready For Spring

How To Get Your Sunroom Ready For Spring

For Three Seasons Sunrooms or screen rooms that haven’t been used in the winter, now’s the time to start your spring-cleaning checklist. You want your custom Myrtle Beach sunroom or screen room to be ready for the approaching warm temperatures. Whether your screens collected debris over the winter or you need to ensure no moisture seeped into the room while you weren’t using it, we have your spring checklist.

Sunroom Spring Cleaning Checklist

Clean screen room or sunroom window and door tracks. It’s likely that leaves and other debris got trapped in the tracks over the past few months. A vacuum or shop-vac is the easiest way to clean the dirt and grime from these tracks. For stubborn debris, you may need to use a brush to loosen the dirt, then vacuum again. Once you’ve removed the dirt with your shop-vac, wipe the tracks with a damp cloth.

Get doors and window screens moving freely. After months of not being used, you’ll need to lubricate the inside of the sunroom door and window tracks with silicone spray. The spray will allow the windows and door to move freely without leaving a sticky residue that an oil-based spray or WD-40 may leave.

Clean your screens. Although aluminum screens are designed to resist dirt, they should still be cleaned before the spring season. Simply remove the screens from their tracks and spray each one with a garden hose. Allow you screens time to dry or shake off the excess water and install them back into the tracks.

For screens that need extra attention, use a soft-bristle brush to gently move over extra dirty spots. Warm water and dish soap will help loosen the debris. Rinse off any remaining soap, allow time to dry, and install the screens back into the sunroom or screen room.

Clean the glass. For sunroom with glass windows, use a glass cleaner of your choice and wipe away any dirt and dust with a soft paper towel.

Wipe off furniture. You’ll need to use different cleaners depending on the material of your furniture. For wicker or wooden furniture, a dry cloth or dusting spray will freshen furniture. For metal or glass, use a soft cloth or all-purpose cleaner. For furniture covers or pillows, toss them in the washing machine for a fresh scent.

Clean the floor. You may just need to pass the brook through your screen room or sunroom to clear any small pieces of debris. If you have large rugs, spot clean any areas that need attention or rent a cleaner if the entire rug needs a refresh. If your Myrtle Beach sunroom has tile flooring, mopping will give it a clean glow.

Don’t wait until the warm temperatures return to start your cleaning checklist. Prepare your Myrtle Beach screen room or sunroom now so you can enjoy the space at the first sign of spring. If you’re interested in turning your screen room into a sunroom, contact Carolina Home Exteriors for a free in-home estimate.