How To Enjoy Outdoor Living In The Hot Summer Months

Summers in Myrtle Beach are hot and humid. Even as the traditional fall months approach, temperatures can still soar. When you want to enjoy outdoor living but don’t want to suffer in the humidity and heat, there are certain upgrades you need to consider for your Myrtle Beach sunroom, covered porch, or LifeRoom.

Your outdoor living area should be a great gathering space year round, so even if the heat index hits triple digits, you can enjoy family time, a glass of wine, or just relaxing in your Myrtle Beach sunroom. Try these outdoor living amenities to make your LifeRoom and other spaces more comfortable.

Four Season Sunroom

Four Seasons Sunrooms are an ideal way to add usable space to your home to use year-round. These sunrooms feature double-pane, insulated tempered glass, and can include insulation of the walls, roof, and flooring. Optional HVAC systems further cool the room in the summer and warm it in winter. If you want to enjoy a transitional space that carries your indoor living into the outdoors while still keeping a regulated temperature, this is the way to go!

LifeRoom Myrtle Beach Features

Customization is what makes your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom so valuable. You get to choose the color, material and size of your space, but to keep it comfortable for the hot summer temperatures, consider these upgrades.

  • Cool mist: The soft breeze or cool mist technology can make even the hottest Myrtle Beach days enjoyable. With a sophisticated climate system, the LifeRoom can create an ultra-fine mist to cool you down.
  • Customizable lighting: From a traditional outdoor ceiling fan to color changing lights that line the screens of the room, you decide the style and color.
  • Sliding screens: Make all walls of the LifeRoom retractable with sliding screens, or just opt for one main area to retract.

Retractable Screen

Including a retractable screen for your Myrtle Beach pool enclosure helps block some of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Not only will the lanai or pool enclosure keep your outdoor space several degrees cooler, you’ll spend more time enjoying your pool than cleaning it. Whether you choose a screened pool enclosure or a polycarbonate enclosure, you don’t have to worry about leaves, sticks, or flyaway garbage landing in the swimming pool.

Covered Patio

If you love your outdoor space, but know a roof will help protect your family from the sun and keep the area cooler, a covered patio or porch is an affordable home addition. The type of roof on your covered patio will determine the level of air circulation as well as protection from the elements. The Carolina Home Exteriors team will partner with you to create a custom covered patio that fits your lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for a family hangout spot, want a place to grow your plants, or just need a private retreat, a Myrtle Beach sunroom is the perfect solution. In just a few days, your sunroom addition can be a reality. Schedule a free consultation with the Carolina Home Exteriors team to determine what style sunroom is best for your home.