How much shade do you get with Renaissance Patio Products?

Patio covers from Renaissance Patio offer you a chance to enjoy the outdoors with shade and temperature control. How much shade can you really get from a Renaissance Patio product?

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A variety of roof options create different outdoor living styles with as much or as little shade as you want. Choose how much protection you need from the elements with design options that complement your home and lifestyle best.

Products like the Moderno, Contempo (above), and Classico offer solid roof systems that provide coverage from the sun. From minimalist to ornate, you have many options to find the perfect style for your home. Unlike most patio covers, Renaissance’s roofs use insulated aluminum to keep the heat off of you while you relax.

The Fresco (pictured above) is a roof system that can both let the sunshine in and protect you and your loved ones from the rain. This option is a translucent polycarbonate roof that can give your patio a bright and airy atmosphere under a beautiful, natural looking cover.

Renaissance’s Aria shade trellis (above) is ideal for maximizing sunshine and comfort. This style gives your patio the look of a classic trellis with the added confidence of extruded aluminum. This material is both stronger and easier to maintain. Not to mention – you can choose the width of and distance between your beams to get just the right amount of shade.

All in all, Renaissance Patio Products are the perfect fit for any homeowner looking to make a change in their backyard this year. To learn more about how you can get started on designing your summer hangout, call us at (843) 651-6514. For a limited time, all Renaissance Patio Products are 15% off.