New Year, New Sunroom in 2021

Here’s a goal in 2021 you won’t mind keeping. Make this the year you add a sunroom to your property. Imagine the memories, birthdays, and holidays you’ll enjoy throughout the year with this one change.

A custom Myrtle Beach sunroom is the space where your family’s indoor lifestyle meets outdoor living. While you’ll find countless reasons to love your custom sunroom, here are the top reasons the space should be on your New Year’s resolution list.

Why a Sunroom Needs to be a New Year’s Resolution

Whether your year-long goals revolve around better health, spending more time with family, or making wise financial choices, a sunroom plays into each one perfectly.


With a sunroom, you don’t have to worry about the sun’s effect on your skin. Whether you’re taking measures to shield yourself from UV rays or want to enjoy the sun’s light without the heat, a Myrtle Beach sunroom is the solution. What’s more, the space will protect you from disease-ridden mosquitos and other insects that can quickly turn a picnic into panic. Plus, you can skip the bug spray and candles when you’re under the protection of a sunroom.

Family Time

For families who want more space for entertaining or just to enjoy the coastal climate, a Four Seasons Sunroom is the perfect solution. Make your Myrtle Beach Sunroom your own unique space that your family and guests will enjoy for years to come. Your sunroom home addition will be the go-to place for family dinners, parties, and movie night.

If your family is still expanding or you’re enjoying retirement and have family over during the holidays and summer, a sunroom addition to your Myrtle Beach home can offer more living space. Whether you’re looking for an extra room to use as the home office or just need a space for guests to sleep, a sunroom is a perfect fit.

Kids’ Playroom

The windows allow for sunlight to pour in, so your kids can enjoy the sunshine without you worrying about insect bites or sunburn. The space easily transitions from family movie night to an active playroom. Select storage options that allow you to hide toys away but still work as decor that enhances the space.


If your New Year’s resolution revolves around wise financial choices, adding a  Myrtle Beach sunroom is a good decision for your home’s value. You’ll increase the square footage and value by partnering with a company that builds custom sunrooms. Some real estate experts estimate the return on your investment for a sunroom can be as much as 80 percent in the sale of your home, while the average return is about 60 percent.

Hiring a reputable contractor to build your Myrtle Beach sunroom will add space, functionality and value to your home. Contact the Carolina Home Exteriors team for your complimentary consultation to discuss which Myrtle Beach sunroom best fits your needs. Make a resolution to improve your home and family life with a sunroom.