Surprising Ways to Use Your Sunroom

Sunrooms add style and valuable space to your home, but there’s more to a sunroom than meet the eye! A sunroom can make your life easier and inspire creativity when you make it your own.

Working from home? Transform your sunroom into an efficient, productive office space.

Kids getting distracted from schoolwork in their room? Give them a distraction-free homework room they’ll actually want to be in.

Get creative with your sunroom and make the most of your much-needed space!

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Outdoor-ish Dining Room

Whether you’re inviting friends and family over or you’ll just need reservations for two, using your sunroom as an outdoor dining experience will liven up your meals and spark new conversations. Set up your sunroom with a farmhouse style dining table and attention-grabbing light fixtures. Beyond the basics, you don’t really need any complex sunroom ideas – other than a great bottle of wine and a few good friends. 

Hang-out Space for the Kids

If you have kids keeping up with virtual classes, a separate homework room is the PERFECT way to give them a distraction-free environment to work on assignments. They’ll be close enough for you to check in on their progress while you go about your day in peace.

When homework time is over and the weekend begins, switch into family time! Pack the space full of comfy pillows and turn your sunroom into movie night. Your sunroom will soon become the most popular space in the house for you, your kids, and their friends!

Hang-out Space for the Adults

Looking for more “me time?” Enjoy your morning coffee or spend a few afternoon hours getting cozy with a book, a sunroom works well as your quiet time space. Design the perfect escape with an oversized, comfy chair, welcoming pillows, and unique end tables that hold your glass while you read.

Need more adults-only time with friends? Grab a few bottles and have some friends over for an evening of wine tasting in your sunroom. Add some string lights and plenty of snacks – unwind and enjoy!

Indoor Greenhouse

Ok, you don’t have to go all out with the greenhouse idea, but your sunroom is the perfect space to grow flowers during the spring months. Whether you want to add pops of color or you prefer greenery, potted plants bring life to the addition space. If you need a little green thumb inspiration, check out our guide to the best plants to grow in a sunroom.

Don’t have the yard space for a garden? Or love to grow plants that only bloom in warm climates? The glass lets in rays of sunlight that are perfect for growing a variety of flowers and other plants. Control the temperature in a four-seasons sunroom to keep your plants in bloom year-round.

Reading Room

Now that the temperatures are warming and the days are longer, create a reading nook that you’ll use. Add a small bookshelf to your sunroom or stack a few books on an end table. Keep a blanket on the back of your comfy spot for the cooler evenings and enjoy reading a chapter or two each night.