7 Cozy Fall Décor Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

As the seasons change, you don’t have to put an end to using your outdoor living space. Breathe new life into your sunroom or covered patio with cozy décor ideas. Fall decorations don’t have to call for a yard full of pumpkins or hay in place of your plants. To turn your sunroom into an area you can enjoy as the temperatures cool, try these fall décor ideas.

Rustic approach to neutral

Don’t think that fall colors have to be filled with shades of burnt orange and red. Fill your Four Seasons Sunroom with a look that mirrors a rustic cottage with a touch of soft color. Pieces from nature fit well into this sunroom décor. Use distressed wood, pine cones, or fall flowers (mums are perfect).


Candles are great for indoors, but if you want to highlight the fall season in your covered patio, go for solar powered or real-flame lanterns. Curling up with a cozy throw and a few pillows is never as great as it is with a dim, warm light from a lantern case.

Curtained pergola

Don’t think your pergola is only good for creating shade during the summer months. By adding thick, rich curtains to the custom pergola, you suddenly create a cozy outdoor room. Use outdoor material so the fabric will be protected from the wind and winter weather.

Wine bar cart

During the cool fall evening, one of the best ways to enjoy your Liferoom is to sink into an oversized chair with a relaxing glass of wine. Add a beverage cart and stock it with your favorite fall reds and a few glasses. Cheers!


Extend how long you can use your pergola or covered porch each year with a fire pit. The warmth of the fire will allow you to sit out on your deck into the fall months and create a focal point where guests can gather. An outdoor fireplace is also a great option for added heat and light for the space.

Cozy rug

Define your space with an area rug full of rich fall colors. While normally you would avoid dark hues, fall is the perfect time to switch up the decor and go for a navy or forest green color palette. Positioning your furniture on the rug or beneath a pergola or the Liferoom will create an outdoor room that feels pulled together and comfortable for the fall temperatures.

String lights

While the holiday season may still be a ways off, you can use string lights to create the perfect mood lighting in your Three Seasons Sunroom. White lights will carry you through the fall season, but you can always add some holiday spirit to your sunroom with colorful lights in December.

If it’s time to enhance your outdoor space, the Carolina Home Exteriors team will comes to your home for a free estimate. Design the sunroom, covered porch or Liferoom that fits your needs and budget to enjoy the fall season and beyond.