6 Summer Home Improvement Ideas

6 Summer Home Improvement Ideas

6 Summer Home Improvement IdeasSummer is the perfect time to catch up on some overdue home improvement projects. The days are longer and temperatures warmer, allowing you more time and a comfortable environment to knock off a few items on your to-do list. Not sure where to start? Check out our list of projects that’ll help spruce up your space and could increase your home’s value.

Window Cleaning

You probably weren’t opening many windows during the winter months, so it was easy to overlook the streaks, residue or dirt. Summer is the perfect time to give your windows a thorough cleaning and open them for a cool breeze throughout your home. Don’t forget the windows in your Four Seasons Sunrooms!

Make the task more than a few swipes of window cleaner. Dust the window sills and do a check of all your window screens, which could have been damaged during the harsh winter weather. Take special time in your Myrtle Beach screen room to ensure there are no small tears or wholes – a perfect opening for bugs and mosquitos.

Adding A Sunroom

A Myrtle Beach sunroom is the perfect place to spend the warm days ahead. The perfect outdoor living space can add square footage to your home and serve as the perfect place to enjoy dinner in the evenings, sip your morning cup of coffee, or catch up with friends over a summer cocktail. Partnering with the Carolina Home Exteriors team to build your screen room or sunroom means you’re adding value to your property, so whether you enjoy the space for years to come or make a move in the future, your family benefits.

Fire It Up

Constructing a fire pit in your outdoor area provides a great way to spend summer nights with friends and family. Use it as a grill or build s’mores with the family before you enjoy your meal inside your Myrtle Beach screen room. Add a few pieces of outdoor furniture around the fire pit for a comfortable atmosphere.

Entertaining On Your Deck

If you’re thinking about adding a sunroom or you already have one, a great complementary home renovation idea is a deck. A deck and Myrtle Beach sunroom are the perfect summer combination. Building a deck off of your sunroom or adding a sunroom to your existing deck gives your family more options to enjoy the summer while being protected from the sun.


It’s a labor of love, but a great-looking yard lets you better enjoy your deck or screen room. Whether you want to add a variety of flowers, or you need a major backyard overhaul because of overgrown shrubbery, landscaping is a summer task that can give your home a completely different feel (and better curb appeal).

Summer Décor

Add your special touch to your screen room or Four Seasons Sunroom with a festive summer décor. Add string lights or lanterns for the perfect mood lighting. Pops of color or bold patterns will bring your space to life and make the home addition a cozy extension to your indoor lifestyle.