5 Signs You Need New Windows

The windows in your house do more than allow natural light into your home. Windows increase curb appeal, protect your home from outside elements and serve as a natural way to improve energy efficiency. Because windows serve such a vital role in your home, it’s important to understand how long windows last and be able to determine when it’s time replace your Myrtle Beach windows.

The age of your home can help determine if it’s time for an upgrade. Homes built more than 20 years ago with original windows probably need a change. Here are a few ways to help determine if your home needs new windows.

High Energy Bills

If you’ve recently purchased a home, you can request the usage from past energy bills to get an idea if the bills are steadily increasing. When the cooler months begin to hit, it’s easy to determine if your windows are a problem.

On cooler days, stand near your windows. Is the area much cooler than the rest of the house? Do you feel a draft? If so, it could be time to upgrade your windows. Don’t let aging windows suck your home’s energy.

Difficult Operation

Your windows should open and close with little effort. If your windows are painted shut – wooden windows are particularly bad for this – it takes extreme effort to open or close or you have to use an object to keep the window propped open, it’s time to consider new Myrtle Beach windows.

Decay Or Leaks

If your windows show visible signs of decay, it’s time for an improvement. Wooden window frames are especially prone to deterioration because moisture can cause them to warp, leading to decay that you may not see on the surface. Warping window frames can also cause leaks. If rainy weather is leaving puddles or water streaks down your walls, call Carolina Home Exteriors to replace your home windows.


Single-pane windows (typically found in older homes) do a poor job of insulating your home from outside sounds. Older double-pane windows can have the same effect. If the outside noises – passing cars, neighbors, or animals – are interfering with your indoor activities, it’s time to consider a window upgrade.


When there’s humidity in the air, do your windows show signs of condensation? Take particular notice of condensation build up between the two panes. If moisture is trapped inside the window, that’s a sign your window’s seal has failed and it’s time to replace your Myrtle Beach windows.

Upgrading your home’s windows can mean lower monthly energy bills, a more comfortable living environment and a quieter home. Caroline Home Exteriors will work with you to find the best fit windows to complement your home’s appearance and fit your budget.