5 Great Reasons a Sunroom is Worth the Investment

As with any home improvement, adding a custom Three Seasons Sunroom or Four Seasons Sunroom to your home is an investment. Whether you’re considering the home addition as a way to gain more space for your growing family, or you want to invest in your home’s value, a sunroom is a cost-effective way to enjoy the coastal climate weather and give your family room to grow.

interior of a sunroom with wall-to-wall glass windows

1. Add More Living Space

Today’s modern family is shifting toward informal living space for everything from movie night to entertaining friends. As today’s largest group of homebuyers – millennials – look for comfort and experience rather than signs of wealth and prestige, a sunroom is a great investment.

Whether you’re planning to grow your family or spending your retirement years along the coast with family visiting frequently, a sunroom provides needed additional space. Use the added square footage as a home office, informal living space, or furnish with a pull-out sofa for guests.  

2. Sunrooms Are Versatile

A sunroom is the perfect setting for each of your events. Whether you’re entertaining guests or having movie night with the family, a cozy sunroom is the space to do it. A custom-built sunroom can be easily transformed to fit your needs. Change the décor seasonally, add a dining table, or push the recliner aside and lay out a blow-up mattress. A sunroom is the one space in the house that can be easily changed to meet your needs. Customization is what makes this living space so valuable.

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3. Increase Your Home’s Value

While the average return on your investment of a custom sunroom is about 60 percent, some real estate experts estimate your return could reach nearly 80 percent, depending on the features and materials you use. Add value to your home by increasing the square footage of your living space. Plus, adding a Four Seasons Sunroom drastically increases the curb appeal of your home.

4. Enjoy a Bug-Free Afternoon 

The summer evenings are the perfect time to enjoy a sunset or sip a glass of wine but sitting on a back porch to do it can be brutal. The mosquitos and other insects begin to swarm your space, causing frustration and bug bites. Building a sunroom means you don’t have to worry about the insects invading your space or disease-ridden mosquitos preying on your family.

interior of a four seasons sunroom with glass windows

5. Create A Private Escape

Let’s be honest, you love spending time with your family, but there are some moments you want to steal away for yourself. A sunroom is ideal as a secluded area to enjoy your morning coffee or spend a few afternoon hours getting cozy with a book in your own quiet space. By adding comfortable furniture, like an oversized, comfy chair, welcoming pillows, and unique end tables, your Four Seasons Sunroom becomes the perfect escape.

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