5 Popular Sunroom Designs and Styles

5 Popular Sunroom Designs and Styles

A Myrtle Beach sunroom can add property resale value, usable living space year-round, and access to enjoy the outdoors without actually being outside. As you consider what type of sunroom is a best fit for your home, think about the elements a sunroom builder in Myrtle Beach will use to create a custom space. While it’s easy to concentrate on the furniture or accessories you’ll use for the custom sunroom, you also need to evaluate the roof, window, and shape.

Cathedral Sunrooms

Cathedral sunrooms Myrtle Beach are also called gable or vaulted sunroom because of the roof style used in building the home addition. The shape of the cathedral sunroom is also featured in gothic cathedrals. The space can be filled with drywall, partial glass, or all-glass and the roof is covered with traditional home shingles. The roof design is good for snowy climates, as the slope allows the snow to slide off the roof, eliminating the weight concern.

Conservatory Sunrooms

If you want to be able to see your entire backyard and take in the views of nature, a conservatory sunroom Myrtle Beach is your best match. These spaces feature all-glass design supported by structural beams. These sunrooms connect to the home but flare to offer a panoramic view near the end of the space. This custom built sunroom is ideal for high end homes, waterfront homes, or home with gardens or a great view.

Curved-Eave Sunrooms

Curved-eave sunroom Myrtle Beach builders can typically construct this style at a lower cost than other sunroom options. This Myrtle Beach sunroom is often called a solarium and is shaped like conservatory. This sunroom in Myrtle Beach is virtually all glass and is ideal for homeowners who want a 360 degree view.

Straight-Eave Sunrooms

One of the most common Myrtle Beach sunroom designs is the straight-eave sunroom. This custom sunroom style is also called a single-slope or studio sunroom. The roof of this sunroom has no peak and is a common choice for homeowners because it easily integrates into all home styles.

Wall System Sunrooms

A wall system sunroom Myrtle Beach is also referred to as a modified or enclosed porch as the  Myrtle Beach sunroom builders will use an existing space to create the sunroom. Wall system sunrooms often feature large glass windows and depending on the style, may actually qualify as a screened room or a screened porch.If you have an existing space you utilize but want to make it more functional year-round, the wall system sunroom is your best-fit option.