10 Ways to Customize a Sunroom to Make Your House Feel Like Home

The sunroom is the perfect place to escape the summer heat, enjoy a good book and just relax. It can also be an awesome space for entertaining guests or hosting family events. Whether it is as an extra living space or just adding more natural light into your home, there are so many ways to customize your sunroom to make it feel like home!

1. Change the Dimensions

Whether you’re upgrading your current porch or starting from scratch, you can choose the size of your new sunroom. Give yourself plenty of space to work, play, and live.

2. Select a Stylish Roof

Did you know that you can choose the style of your roof? From Gable (also called A-frame) to Studio (sloped onto the roof) to Shed (minor pitch off of roof, you can find the roof style that suits your home.

Choosing a roof style that complements your sunroom can make a big difference in how it looks and feels!

3. Change the Window Size

While the typical sunroom window is 3’ x 5’, you can customize your windows to suit your lifestyle.

Why not let the sunshine on all your favorite things? An expansive window is a great way to take advantage of natural light while still offering plenty of privacy.

4. Add Transom Windows

As you design your sunroom, you can include transom windows above your horizontal sliders. These additional windows elevate the style of your room, adding more natural light and extra height.

5. Choose Between 3 Seasons or 4 Seasons

A major decision when planning your glass sunroom is choosing between a 3 seasons or all seasons design.

What’s the difference?

The frame! In a 4 seasons sunroom, your aluminum framing is thermally broken. This means your frame won’t sweat a temperature difference between inside and out. Keep your air conditioning (or in the winter, your heating) in while the weather carries on.

Prefer a 3 seasons sunroom? No worries! You can just as easily customize your room with a frame that isn’t thermally broken.

6. Match Siding to Your Home

Adding a sunroom to your home doesn’t mean that you have to disrupt the look of your home. Just the opposite – your new space can elevate the look of your home!

7. Knee Wall

  • Included/no
  • Size
  • Style: Aluminum, Vinyl, Glass

8. Add Electric Outlets

Did you know that you can include electric outlets in your new sunroom? Absolutely! Create the perfect space for watching the Sunday game, or a comfortable space to work on your computer.

9. Increase Airflow with Fans

Want even more airflow in your sunroom? Not to worry, you can choose to include one or more fans in your room.

10. Add Hurricane Protection

While you’re adding a new space to your home is the perfect time to protect your new space. To make it easy for you, we can include hurricane protection for your sunroom in your project.

Sunrooms are a great way to extend your home’s living space and make use of natural light. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors – you name it! The possibilities are endless when deciding what type or style will work best for you. Ask your Design Consultant about which option works best for your lifestyle.