Winter Home Improvement Projects That Can Save You Money

Winter is a great time to complete home projects to ready your home for the approaching spring months. If the temperatures are too frigid to venture out, check out our list of indoor projects you can tackle as well as our easy ways to save on your utility bill during the cold months.

Outdoor Winter Home Improvement Projects

Living in the Myrtle Beach area means the temperatures will likely allow you a couple of days you can get outside to complete some work. Here are a few outdoor winter weather projects to tackle on those days.

  • Prune the trees: Once the trees lose their leaves, it’s much easier to see which branches need to be trimmed. Whether you call in a professional or opt to do the job yourself, there will be much less debris to haul away.
  • Clean the gutters: It’s best to clear your gutters before any major winter weather – snow or ice – moves through. Leaves, sticks and other debris will freeze inside the gutters, potentially damaging your home.
  • Clear the lawn: Remove all the leaves and fertilize your lawn. This will allow your lawn to absorb nutrients and as much energy as possible during the short winter days.
  • Insulate screen rooms: Whether you plan to use it during the winter months or not, it’s a good idea to place plastic over your screen room to prevent winter weather – ice or freezing rain – from damaging your screens or furniture.

Indoor Winter Home Improvement Projects

Too cold to work outside? No problem. Here are a number of projects to take on while staying warm indoors.

  • Check walls, doors and windows for drafts: Take inventory of your home’s windows and entrances. If you find any drafts, use weather stripping to fix your window seals. Caulk is good for filling in gaps between the walls. If it’s time to replace your windows, Carolina Home Exteriors is the top choice for Myrtle Beach replacement windows.
  • Change the air filter: Don’t make your heating system work more than necessary. Change your indoor air filter and check it periodically to ensure it’s not too dirty.
  • Install AC unit: If you’ve been holding off on replacing your warn out air conditioning unit, the winter months are a great time to schedule the upgrade. Beat the rush of homeowners who will wait until temperatures rise.
  • Clean the ducts: Cleaning the ducts will not only reduce the energy you use each month, but you’ll also help prevent a fire in your home by clearing out excess lint.
  • Plan spring projects: Have you always wanted a sunroom added to your Myrtle Beach home? Plan those projects for the spring – enclosing an existing porch, adding a deck, or adding a pool enclosure – and have a look at what Carolina Home Exteriors can offer for your home.

Simple Ways to Save

The winter months can be brutal on your energy bills. Here are a few ways to save money during the cold temperatures.

  • Reverse the ceiling fan direction so that the blades send the warm air near the ceiling of your home down throughout the room.
  • Add insulation if yours has been in your home for several years. The attic, crawl space, basement and garage will be the go-to places for a fresh layer.
  • Program your thermostat to drop a few degrees when you leave for work – no need to heat an empty house.
  • Wrap a blanket or insulation around your hot water heater to keep the water warmer for longer.

At Carolina Home Exteriors, we can help you make the most of your winter home improvement projects. If you want to plan adding a Myrtle Beach sunroom to your home, build a pool or lanai cover or simply replace your windows, our skilled team can help. Give us a call today to schedule your complimentary consultation.