Design Tips for a Southern Chic Sunroom

For the true Southerners who appreciate a Southern chic style for their outdoor living, a custom sunroom gives you the chance to enjoy the outdoor view with the perfect low country vibes. Invite all the natural light and complement your outdoor space with color, patterns, and beautiful furniture.

Whether you’re considering a Three Seasons or Four Seasons Sunrooms for your house, it is a cost-effective way to enjoy the coastal climate weather and create a great transition from indoor to outdoor living. Turn your sunroom into the perfect transitional space with these décor and special feature ideas.

Embrace the Cool Colors

  • White, Grey, Pastel Blues and Greens, Teals, Gold, Orange, Yellow, etc.
  • From pillows to lamps to rugs to blankets, there are a lot of options to accessorize your sunroom.
  • Bonus: neutral furniture with colorful accessories can be adapted between seasons!
  • Cooler colors add a splash to summer and warmer colors keep you cozy in the winter

Choose the Right Materials

  • Southern chic is characterized by natural woods, clean linen, brass decor, woven ropes
  • Accents on furniture, wall decor, and rugs can tie together an entire space

Let the Sunshine in

  • Natural light adds the best kind of light to a southern chic space
  • Choosing the right curtains to accentuate your room can make all the difference
  • When the sunsets, turn on some warm lights or candles to get the snug southern porch vibe


  • Adding plants literally brings life to your sunroom
  • Sunlight and plants add the natural feel of the south to your space

Sunroom Outdoor Living

Taking advantage of an early morning sunrise or cool spring afternoon has never been easier with a custom-built sunroom. With a sunroom space, you can enjoy nature without having to be in nature. The insects, direct sun, and humidity won’t stop you from enjoying your beautiful backyard. A sunroom allows you to enjoy the sun during the day, while still offering the benefit of shade and a temperature-controlled environment.

A Four Seasons Sunroom is ideal for the hot summers of Myrtle Beach, but you will also use a Three Seasons Sunroom for most of the year. Outdoor living doesn’t have to stop with a sunroom. Screen rooms, patio covers, pool enclosure, or pergola can all offer the space your desire to enjoy nature.

Whether you’re looking for a family hangout spot, want a place to grow your plants, or just need a private retreat, a Myrtle Beach sunroom is the perfect solution. In just a few days, your sunroom addition can be a reality. Schedule a free consultation with the Carolina Home Exteriors team to determine what style sunroom is best for your home.