What Happens During An In-Home Sunroom Consultation?

What Happens During An In-Home Sunroom Consultation?

If you’re contemplating adding a Myrtle Beach sunroom to your home, you have a variety of choices. From the material and shape to the size and roof style, the combinations can seem overwhelming if you don’t have a skilled Myrtle Beach sunroom company walking you through the process. It’s important to the Carolina Home Exteriors team that you understand how your sunroom will look and perform. We work with you to develop a timeline and budget that fits your needs.

The first step to choosing which type of sunroom addition will work best for your home is an in-home consultation. The company you choose should provide an initial consultation to answer your questions and show options that would work well for your space. When you schedule your complimentary in-home consultation with Carolina Home Exteriors, you can expect a knowledgeable, courteous team member to walk you through the construction details.

Myrtle Beach Sunroom Consultation

Each of the sunrooms installed by Carolina Home Exteriors is a custom creation, so our team wants to meet with you to discuss your needs and expectations. The free consultation should take about 60 minutes, possibly longer for a complex project.

During the consultation we’ll get rough measurements of your project, show you samples of the materials available and discuss the function you desire from the space. We’ll also discuss the price point and options for payment. We want you to be informed and feel confident in your decision, so our team will answer any questions you may have about the home addition.

We invite the whole family to sit in on the meeting. Part of our goal is to collect ideas for how the space will be used. The more understand about your family, the better our recommendations will match your goals.

Myrtle Beach Sunroom Warranty

Adding a Myrtle Beach Four Seasons Sunrooms to your home is an investment for your family. You want to ensure you receive a quality product and work. Ask you contractor what the warranty is for the materials used and for the construction of the unit. Carolina Home Exteriors stands behind our work with a craftsmanship warranty.

Our team wants you to have complete trust in our work. We’ll show you photos from recent work and offer referrals for customers who made the same investment you plan to make. Reputable contractors who install Myrtle Beach sunrooms will be able to provide names and phone numbers of those who are willing to recommend the contractor’s work.

Adding a Four Seasons Sunroom or LifeRoom to your home is an investment that should last for years to come and create enjoyment for the whole family. Choosing the right Myrtle Beach contractor for your home addition is essential to making sure the project is finished on schedule and engineered with quality. Contact the Carolina Home Exteriors team for your complimentary consultation to discuss which Myrtle Beach sunroom best fits your needs.