Outdoor Living: America’s Backyard Evolution, Part II

This is part two in our history series.

We want our homes to be an extension of who we are. We want to feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed in the environment we create. It’s no wonder that as Americans work more hours each week – 47 hours for the average full-time worker – we want our homes to be the ultimate escape. From colors to comfortable pillows, we study how to create peaceful rooms and welcoming spaces.

As we entered the 21st century, more than ever, a part of the home that has become a must-have is outdoor living space. HGTV reports three of the top must-have items on a house hunter’s list is: a big backyard, room for entertaining, and an outdoor kitchen. We discussed the evolution of the backyard in part I of our outdoor living blog from a space to grow food and sustain the family, to a status symbol and part of the American Dream.

Patio Furniture

Patio furniture hit the backyard scene in the 1960s and by the 70s was mainstream – lots of cast iron and floral prints. The furniture was a mirror of the times. As the years passed and styles changed, Americans realized an opportunity for multi-function furniture. Many of the styles we see today, like the Myrtle Beach patio furniture offered by Carolina Home Exteriors, are designed to serve as seats, tables, and storage. Our outdoor living space is an easy extension of the inside of our home, and for that reason we deserve form and functions.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools, much like the birth of a leisurely backyard, hit mainstream after WWII. Talk about a status symbol. A swimming pool in your backyard was the ultimate American Dream – being able to take a backyard vacation in your own yard. Fast forward half a century and we are now able to enclose our swimming pools for added privacy and protection. Pool enclosures from Carolina Home Exteriors can help reduce the sun’s effect on pool chemicals while providing the perfect barrier from leaves, pest and other debris.

Outdoor Kitchen

The idea of cooking outside is nothing new to civilization. From nearly the beginning of time, we’ve cooked on outdoor fires – now we have the luxury of doing it with ease and style. Whether your budget allows foe a deluxe bar-b-que or a full outdoor kitchen, enjoying good food with friends has become an anchor for how we experience life outside, especially in the summer months. Sinks, ovens, dishwashers, storage and dedicated counter space for food preparation are becoming more and more common in outdoor living spaces. The idea of an outdoor kitchen is an extension of your home’s inside kitchen – so you can customize it to fit your style and needs.

With more house hunters and home owners wanting to extend the value and use of their home with outdoor living space, there are endless options for sunrooms, screened porches, pool enclosures and outdoor kitchens. Carolina Home Exteriors is your source in Myrtle Beach for outdoor living.