LifeRoom: The Perfect Way To Add Space To Your Home

LifeRoom: The Perfect Way To Add Space To Your Home

If you’re planning a home addition, why not create a comfortable, versatile space with a Myrtle Beach LifeRoom? A custom LifeRoom has the option for numerous features, allowing you to choose how the space will look, how big it will be, and what elements will be available. Building a LifeRoom onto your Myrtle Beach home can be done within your budget and made to match the look of your home for a seamless appearance. A LifeRoom is innovative and sophisticated. Here are the biggest benefits of building a custom Myrtle Beach LifeRoom.


LifeRoom Features

Customize your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom to your exact style. Whether you want cooling misters inserted for hot Myrtle Beach days, or retractable screens installed to open to fresh air during the fall evenings, the features of the space are completely up to you. The Carolina Home Exteriors team offers a consultation that will clearly define what’s available and how your desired elements can work within your budget.



  • LifeRoom Feature Favorites:


  • Sliding screens: Make all walls of the LifeRoom retractable with sliding screens, or just opt for one main area to retract.
  • Customizable lighting: From a traditional outdoor ceiling fan to color changing lights that line the screens of the room, you decide the style and color.
  • Cool mist: The soft breeze or cool mist technology can make even the hottest Myrtle Beach days enjoyable. With a sophisticated climate system, the LifeRoom can create an ultra-fine mist to cool you down.


Customization is what makes this outdoor living space so valuable. You get to choose the color, material and size of the Four Seasons LifeRoom.


For families who want more space for entertaining or just to enjoy the coastal climate, a Four Seasons LifeRoom is the perfect solution. Make your Myrtle Beach LifeRoom your own unique space that your family and guests will enjoy for years to come. Your LifeRoom home addition will be the go-to place for family dinners, parties, and movie night.


How Is A Myrtle Beach LifeRoom Constructed?

Myrtle Beach LifeRooms are built with clean, efficient construction. Building an energy efficient LifeRoom is different than a traditional brick and mortar home addition. It takes much less time and disruption to your home to construct a LifeRoom and the added space will be available to your family in a matter of weeks, not months as with traditional home additions.


Enjoy the ultimate in luxury relaxation with a Myrtle Beach LifeRoom. This unique, sophisticated space creates a getaway escape in your own home. Build the perfect transitional space that connects your family’s indoor lifestyle with the love of the outdoors.

The Carolina Home Exteriors team can walk you through your design options with a new LifeRoom. Contact us today to set up a free in-home consultation.