How To Childproof Your Sunroom

How To Childproof Your Sunroom

Most childhood accidents happen around the home, and while the kitchen is the biggest culprit, you want to take precaution in every space. The Myrtle Beach sunroom is no exception. As the summer months approach and you know the kids will be home, now’s the time to childproof your space. From the ceiling to the floor, there are simple measures you can take to ensure the sunroom addition is safe for the smallest ones to the teenagers.

Childproof Window Locks

Avoid smashed fingers with childproof window locks in your Myrtle Beach sunroom. The locks mean you won’t have to worry about the little ones pushing or sliding the windows open in attempts to look or climb out. While you’re at it, add window guards to ensure your child won’t fall through an open window.

Childproof Window Blinds

The chords on traditional blinds are a danger, especially to small children. Opt for childproof window blinds to prevent accidental strangulation. Cordless shades in your Myrtle Beach sunroom will create a zone free of dangling chords that may be tempting for young children.

Add An Interior Lock

If you have an exterior door that leads from your Myrtle Beach sunroom to the backyard, install a secondary lock that is high enough out of reach of curious hands. That second lock will keep the kids within the safety of the sunroom, which is especially important if you have a swimming pool in the backyard.

Furniture Tipping Restraints

A child will find a way to make nearly any piece of furniture a climbing mechanism. Whether the child pulls the drawers out to use as stairs or pulls over a chair to climb on top of the desk, you want to ensure that the furniture in your custom sunroom won’t topple on top of the child. Use tipping restraints to hold furniture in place, even when pulled or stepped on.

Mount TV On Wall

If you have a television in your Myrtle Beach sunroom, mount it on the wall rather than place it on a TV stand. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) staff estimates that annually there are 11,800 television-related emergency department treated injuries involving TVs falling. By mounting the TV rather than positioning it on a stand or dresser, you greatly reduce the chances of an injury.

Household Plants Out Of Reach

While your flowers and plants are beautiful décor, they shouldn’t be left within reaching distance for small children. Place the greenery in your sunroom addition out of your child’s reach. Some plants may be poisonous when consumed without you realizing it.

Pad Sharp Corners

For tables or desks with sharp corners, add a layer of padding to avoid bumps and bruises. Specific padding is made for corners, so you can grab the cushions at your local big-box store. At first glance, your sunroom may not look that dangerous, but consider the room from your child’s vantage point. What are the obstacles that could harm a running toddler or curious grade school child?

Your Myrtle Beach sunroom should be safe for every family member. Take the time to review our checklist and add security features that will keep your child safe.