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Nestled in the serene landscapes of Heather Glen, South Carolina, this locale is the epitome of charm and tranquility, offering residents a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s here, amidst the lush greenery and picturesque surroundings, that Carolina Home Exteriors has established itself as a beacon of excellence in home enhancement. Renowned for transforming living spaces into luxurious havens, we specialize in a myriad of services, including sunrooms, screen rooms, and much more, all tailored to enrich your home with elegance and functionality.

Heather Glen's Best-Quality Sunrooms and Enclosures

Sunrooms in Heather Glen, SC

Envision soaking up the sun’s rays or relishing a peaceful night beneath the stars, all while nestled in the comfort of your own home. Our sunrooms provide this luxurious and cozy experience. Meticulously crafted, these sunspaces are meant to enhance the beauty of your home and offer a warm, light-filled retreat for relaxation or entertainment. Customized to fit your personal style, our sunrooms are more than just an add-on; they are a transformative upgrade to your living area.

Screen Rooms in Heather Glen, SC

Embrace the beauty of Heather Glen’s natural surroundings without the hassle of unwanted pests. Our screen rooms are the epitome of functional elegance, providing a seamless transition from indoor comfort to the allure of the outdoors. These versatile spaces offer a protective barrier against insects and debris, ensuring every moment spent is in pure, uninterrupted bliss. Whether it’s a family gathering or a moment of solitary peace, our screen rooms are your gateway to enjoying the outdoors, any time, any season.

Pool Enclosures in Heather Glen, SC

Improve your swimming experience with our custom-made pool enclosures. These enclosures are crafted to integrate effortlessly with your outdoor design, adding to the beauty of your pool area and prolonging your swimming season. This ensures year-round access and enjoyment of your pool. Built with both durability and aesthetics in mind, our pool enclosures create a secure, enclosed area. They maintain pool cleanliness and ease of upkeep while also providing a secluded retreat for you and your family.

Pergolas in Heather Glen, SC

Transform your backyard into a picturesque retreat with our elegantly designed pergolas. These structures not only augment the beauty of your outdoor space but also offer a versatile area for relaxation or entertainment. Whether it’s a cozy family barbecue or a quiet evening under the stars, our pergolas provide the perfect backdrop, enhancing every moment with their timeless charm and functionality.

Eze Breeze Windows in Heather Glen, SC

Discover unparalleled comfort and adaptability with Eze Breeze windows. These state-of-the-art windows provide the option to savor the outdoor scenery while shielding you from the weather. Ideal for sunrooms, screened-in porches, or any space where you wish to merge indoor coziness with outdoor ambiance, Eze Breeze windows revolutionize your living area. They guarantee that your space remains comfortable, flexible, and delightful throughout the year.

Replacement Windows in Heather Glen, SC

Enhance the comfort and external charm of your home with our top-quality replacement windows. Crafted for exceptional insulation and visual allure, these windows not only boost your home’s appearance but also aid in improving energy efficiency and lessening noise. Offering a diverse selection of styles and designs, our replacement windows ensure a harmonious mix of practicality and sophistication, converting your living space into an oasis of comfort and style.

Motorized Screens in Heather Glen, SC

Embrace innovation and convenience with our motorized screens. These screens offer the perfect solution for homeowners seeking a blend of privacy, protection, and ease of use. With just the touch of a button, you can transform your living space, controlling light, ventilation, and privacy effortlessly. Ideal for patios, balconies, or any indoor-outdoor space, our motorized screens are the epitome of modern living, ensuring your home is comfortable, functional, and effortlessly stylish.

Louvered Roofs in Heather Glen, SC

Upgrade your outdoor experience with our advanced louvered roofs. These adjustable structures give you complete control over your external environment, letting you modify the levels of sunlight or shade according to your desires. Ideal for patios, decks, or any outdoor setting, our louvered roofs are crafted to improve your time spent outdoors. They offer a combination of comfort, versatility, and a splash of luxury, ensuring every outdoor moment is memorable.

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About Heather Glen, South Carolina

Nestled in the coastal town of Little River, Heather Glen is a burgeoning active lifestyle community that epitomizes the charm and tranquility of South Carolina living. This area is not just a place to live but a community that offers a vibrant and enriched lifestyle.

Heather Glen is designed to embrace the natural beauty of South Carolina’s coastal landscape. The development is celebrated for its grand oak entrance, majestic landscapes, rolling hills, and splendid pines that frame the community clubhouse. A sprawling veranda overlooks the impressive pool area, providing residents with a serene space to relax and socialize.

Top Places to Visit in Heather Glen, SC

  1. The Grand Oak Entrance: The iconic entrance to Heather Glen, featuring majestic oaks, is a perfect introduction to the natural beauty of the area.
  2. Heather Glen Clubhouse: The heart of the community, offering leisure and recreational facilities.
  3. Little River Waterfront: Known for its fishing and boating activities.
  4. Vereen Memorial Historical Gardens: A serene space with walking trails and historical significance.
  5. North Myrtle Beach: Just a short drive away, offering beautiful beaches and a vibrant nightlife.
  6. Cherry Grove Pier: A landmark for fishing and scenic views.
  7. La Belle Amie Vineyard: A local winery offering tours and tastings.
  8. Russell Burgess Coastal Preserve: A natural preserve ideal for bird watching and nature walks.
  9. Molten Mountain Miniature Golf: A family-friendly recreational spot.
  10. Little River Mini Mall: A local shopping destination with a variety of stores and eateries.


Heather Glen, with its blend of natural beauty, modern amenities, and rich cultural backdrop, offers a unique living experience in South Carolina. It’s more than just a community; it’s a place where life’s moments are cherished and celebrated. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or an active lifestyle, Heather Glen is a community that welcomes you home.